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Uttrakhand is famously known as the Land of Gods, but it is beyond that. It is a destination that promises internal peace from the sacredness surrounding the Hindu pilgrimage and the divine nature of the Himalayas, the rejuvenating rivers, the deepening valleys and the roaring wildlife. Although, it is just a single aspect of Uttrakhand. On the one hand, it is calm whereas, on the other, it remains a treat for your loud, wild and adventurous heart. Due to its location, Unsurprisingly, Uttrakhand offers a long list of adventure sports to treat its tourists. Therefore, TravLiv360 compiles THRILLING ADVENTURE SPORTS IN UTTRAKHAND that you must try in 2022!!!


Rishikesh is an integral part of Uttrakhand while having the majestic Himalayas, lush green forests, rushing waters of the river Ganges and roaring wildlife. All of these make it a beautiful city that must not go unexplored. Moreover, what would be a better way to explore them in a short period, if not Air Safari?

Air Safari is perfect for those who like the calm, serene aspect of adventure sports. Exploring the hilly terrains of Rishikesh while being at the height of 500-1500 ft is not a simple thing. Powered parachutes, also called para planes or motorized parachutes, achieve this height. They fly at an average speed of 40-60 km and make you feel like a bird flying in the blue skies. Hence, you experience the Air Safari in Rishikesh with the endless sky above and natural beauty below. So, we can enjoy one of the best adventure sports in Uttrakhand.


Cable car rides offer a sweeping panoramic view of the deepening valleys and snowy mountain ranges of the Himalayas. On clear days, you can also witness the glimpse of Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot and Trishul. It is the most adventure sport of Uttrakhand to try, especially during winters. The best location for cable car rides is Auli, but Mussoorie and Nainital are not far behind on the list. Unlike the other sports, the cable car ride is unique due to the serenity it provides. It has its excitement that you’ll feel when in the air surrounded by everlasting beauty. 


Unlike the rest of the activities on the list, canoeing & kayaking require prior knowledge and skills. But once you know the art, you can venture into the rushing waters of the River Ganges and flow with the current. It is a challenging and fun activity to try with your friends and family or alone.

Often, people use canoeing & kayaking interchangeably, but they are different from each other. On the one hand, kayaks require the paddler to be seated, and the paddle is double-bladed. If we talk about canoeing, the paddler has to kneel, and the paddle is single-bladed. Paddlers who like to go alone find kayaking easier than canoeing. So if you are a beginner, you may wish to canoe too.

Depending on the preferable difficulty, you can choose the area you want to canoe or kayak in. Shivpuri and Rishikesh are known for their fast-flowing furious waters. Canoeing and kayaking have hence become popular in Rishikesh. This activity is a fun way to get wet while adrenaline rushes through your blood. So what stopping to try one of the best adventure sports of Uttrakhand.


Uttarakhand is the home to various national parks like Jim Corbett National Park near Ramgarh and Rajaji National Park near Haridwar. The exciting thing about it is you explore these locations while sitting on an elephant. The next time, whenever you plan to go Uttrakhand, try out an elephant safari in Jim Corbett National Park. The state is the best location for elephant safaris as you get to set forth to witness the wildlife and the elegance of the natural beauty. You can observe the diverse flora and fauna up close. Elephant safari remains a tranquil experience that doesn’t match the high amounts of thrill, but it is no less of an adventure than the other sports.


If your favourite ride in parks was the swing, then we have good news for you. Giant swing provides you with the thrill of bungy jumping, for you need to jump from a height of 83 metres. Then, you swing at an exhilarating speed between the valley of mountains. The giant swing is the most fun activity, as it will give you an excellent dose of adrenaline rush for your adventurous heart. After the swing, you will lower into a two feet deep water stream. From there, you can go to fetch your ‘Dare to Jump’ certificate. One thing to note is that the minimum age requirement for the giant swing is 12 years and the minimum & maximum weight requirement is 20 kg and 130 kg. So for whom are you waiting to try one of the best adventure sports of Uttrakhand?


Uttrakhand has a special place for bikers in its adventure list. For those who like getting lost in the arms of nature, mountain biking is for you. There are long biking trails that show the quiet and serene side of the forests of Uttrakhand. Not many tourists visit these locations, but those who do have a view worth preserving for their whole life. You can explore Rudraprayag, Chopta, Pauri, Lansdowne via cycling. You will find the villages, the farms, and dense flora of Deodars and Pine on these predetermined yet challenging routes.

Mountain biking is one of the most prevalent adventure sports of Uttrakhand. Hence, the state holds the longest mountain bike race in Asia, the annual Ultimate Mountain Terrain Biking Championship. Mountain biking is the perfect activity that encapsulates the magnificence of the wilderness of Uttrakhand. If you have participated in any of them, Kindly let us know your experience. I will suggest you read our blog, the ultimate expedition of Uttrakhand.


Rishikesh is that place where you find almost every adventure sport you can try out. Rappelling refers to descending the cliff. One could call it the opposite of rock climbing, where the person climbs the precipice. Rappelling is an adventure sport for both enthusiasts and professionals. It is the most sought after activity in Rishikesh. The best place to rappel is the Shivalik Himalayas. One can also do water rappelling, which means descending a waterfall. The rushing stream of water adds to the fun and thrill. Do you have goosebumps to hit one of the best adventure sports of Uttrakhand?


It isn’t uncommon for Uttrakhand to have mountains covered in fine powder-like snow. Skiing on this, with golden sunlight filtering through the tall canopy of trees, gives the feeling of floating on clouds. The thrills of rushing down the high slopes covered in snow are unmatched by any other activity. Although you don’t need to know how to ski, it is always preferable considering only then you’d be able to enjoy it fully. If you are willing to learn, there are 7-14 days courses to teach you skiing. The snowy slopes of Auli are a paradise for skiers and non-skiers alike. The cold wind, the shades of green against the endless white and the soft Earth beneath the feet combine to make a combination that ought to provide an experience you’d never forget.


Tethered Hot Air ballooning lends a panorama of the Shivalik Valley. Rishikesh is the best place for this activity, and hence it is exceptionally in demand. You can witness the sunrise and sunset from a height of 100 to 200ft with a zephyr caressing you. Not only is this activity soothing, but it is also romantic if you wish to do it with your beloved one. High above the ground with the vast sky ahead and all around, the true wonder of nature will make you appreciate this activity. You can spend fifteen minutes or an hour, depending on you. We would recommend you to go for an hour if you wish to immerse yourself in the magic of this incredible experience. But speaking the truth, even an hour would pass too quick while being lost in the true beauty that’ll surround you.


These were the best adventure sports of Uttrakhand that you should try out in 2022. If you’ve ever tried any of these, let us know your experience. With that, I’d like to say happy adventuring! So this year, let’s make out the bucket list to try all adventure sports in India instead of overseas.

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Story By: Aarchi Patel


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