Hello friends! I am back with my new travel story. I hope you all are doing well. Do you remember my previous travel stories like An Unlock Trip to Manali – A Perfect Getaway and Solo Trip to the City of Lakes, Udaipur. If not, then click on the link and read it fast. Now, you must be well aware that I love travelling, especially when it comes to mountains. Therefore, I thought of travelling this time to the Land of Gods, Uttarakhand. Now you must be wondering why I chose Uttarakhand? You will say that you love travelling to the mountains. Lol! You are right. However, this was the reason but, I also love to explore new things. When I was there, I felt the same way that something was there to explore.



A mystical land is full of mountains, mythologies, beautiful landscapes, exciting adventure, wellness and yoga. Uttarakhand has something to offer every traveller. India’s obsession with religion discovers perfect appearance in the hill state of Uttarakhand, which is aptly called Devbhumi or the Land of Gods. Uttarakhand has numerous well-known tourist attractions like Nainital, Mussoorie, Corbett National Park and Auli, and pilgrimage sites like Kedarnath, Badrinath, Rishikesh and Haridwar. Uttarakhand is also famous for its many centres that teach the intricacies of Yoga and Ayurveda. Therefore, one can overcome the travails of modern living and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Uttrakhand was beyond my expectations, and I was stunned when I reached the land of gods. I fell in love with this mystical land of mountains. I was walking over the clouds, tracing the rainwater droplets, and mesmerizing the breathtaking view there. Moreover, I never expected to be in Uttrakhand. Whenever I think about mountains, then Himachal Pradesh is the only place that comes to mind. It was the first time that I had planned an ultimate expedition to Uttarakhand. So, without taking so much of your time, let us start with my travel story to the land of gods.


The last time I went on a solo trip to Udaipur. My friends were ready to hit a new destination and assigned me to organise the whole trip. Therefore, I was going with them this time. I have planned all the things like booking buses and hotels before hitting the land of Gods. I have booked buses through WBC Travel and hotels through different sites. On 15 Sep 2021, we took a Volvo Bus from Majnu ka Tilla, Delhi. We hit the Uttarakhand border around 4 o’clock in the morning. Due to travel restrictions, we shifted into a cab from there to hit Mussoorie.



Finally, we reached the Mussoorie Bus Stop around six o’clock in the morning. After a long journey, we got exhausted. Additionally, our hotel was almost 1.5 km away from the Bus Stop. We did not have any option rather than to walk to reach our hotel. Being Delhiites, we were used to the crowded place and hustle-bustle of the city. While walking, we observed the chirping of birds, cool breeze, neat and clean environment, and everything was slow and steady. Life was so beautiful without crowds and pollution.

Finally, we reached our pre-booked hotel Skylark by Lawrence Mussoorie, after 20 minutes of walking. We had booked a room with a balcony and checked in our rooms. The view from the balcony was so awe-inspiring beyond my imagination. I could not express in words that it was so beautiful and soothing. After refreshing ourselves, we were ready to explore the famous Mussoorie Mall Road.


Mussoorie Mall Road is the most famous promenade in Queen of the Hills. It is a major attraction in Mussoorie that stretches from Picture Palace at east to the Library at the west, and almost every visitor of Mussoorie has to visit the beautiful Mall Road. Moreover, this place is more happening when the rain or snowfall takes place. Luckily, the rain started when we were there. Oh my god! It was so fascinating, and the weather also got cool.

Unfortunately, the most horrible thing which happened to me, I had not carried my warm clothes. Somehow I managed out there. When it is raining, you get to have some warm food. That moment was something like that. While it was raining, we ate some momos and my most favourite Maggi. After quelling my hunger, it’s time to go back to our hotel. That’s how my first day in Uttarakhand went. 



Now, it was time for bike riding in the hilly terrains of Uttarakhand. After refreshing up and having breakfast, we checked out from the hotel. I was super excited about bike riding, especially when it came to the narrow streets of mountains. Therefore, we rented an Avengers Bike from Mussoorie Mall Road for two days. We were all ready to hit the magical hill station near Mussoorie. 


Dhanaulti was almost 30 km from Mussoorie, and we were ahead towards the hill station. I never felt that way while bike riding in my life. It was so refreshing when you were away from the hustle-bustle of the city. On the way, we clicked so many pictures being photogenic. Sometimes I felt that I was not in India, but I was in Switzerland. I was like it is the place which is in heaven. We were riding over the clouds, and a cool breeze was saying something in our ears. Finally, we reached Dhanaulti around one o’clock in the afternoon. We also pre-booked the Himalayan View hotel in Dhanaulti.



After a long ride, we checked into our pre-booked hotel. We were starving like hell. It was time to have lunch. After our lunch, we all sat on the balcony. We were in Dhanaulti, but we felt that we were in Switzerland. The breathtaking view from that balcony was so awe-inspiring beyond our expectations. The thrill within us was pumping us to hit one more bike ride longer than the first ride. Therefore, we decided to go for a long drive around four o’clock. We had almost hit a long drive from our hotel. Just imagine a view, you are riding between the mountains over the clouds. We were riding, and nature was refreshing us with its unexpected miracles. We felt sometimes it might be a dream to us, but it was real.

While returning, there was a Maggi Point to have a break and some snaps. Have you ever travelled to hilly terrains? Yes, you must be aware of Pahado Ki Maggi. When we had the Maggi, the taste was delicious after a long drive. The sunset was also in the blink of an eye. The sunsetted, and the moon was rising. We all were riding over the clouds in the hilly terrains. I do not have words to elaborate on that soothing night view. There is a saying in Hindi, Andher Nagari Me Akeli Rah Pe Musafir Chalta Chale. Haha! Apart from a joke, be cautious while driving at night in the hilly terrains.



Being an early morning bird riser, I always used to go to the balcony even in my hometown. After waking up, I just went to my room balcony. I did not have words when I looked at the view from there. It was so beautiful that I could not resist myself to be there. We all were there in a few minutes just in front of my hotel. We sat over there for almost an hour and listened to some music. It was a place for the people where you could spend some time alone. I believe that you can know more about yourself when you travel more. The important thing about travel is that you can enjoy your company.

After returning from there, we had our breakfast. We all were ready to explore our next destination. Then we drove almost 35 km of a ride from Dhanaulti on that day. We have planned to cross three places of Uttarakhand like Chamba, and Kanatal.


Chamba is a popular destination soaked in old-world charm because of its unpolluted beauty and panoramic excursions. It offers the most breathtaking views of the mighty peaks, mist-covered deep ravines, and verdant valleys. Therefore, it is frequently visited by tourists as it offers tranquillity and exquisiteness. We were starving, and nothing was nearby to feed. Chamba was the nearest point to give some sunshine. After reaching Chamba, we ate steamed momos and delicious noodles. The next attraction of this road trail was waiting for us. 



If you are exploring forest trails, dining by the stream and chasing mountain goats across the velvet-soft meadow is your idea of a vacation, then come to Kanatal. It offers a chance to stay close to nature and off the grid. We were exploring this trail by hitting some spots of Uttarakhand. The sun was setting down, and after having some shine. We all returned to the hotel. The weather was so cold and sizzling. We had a bonfire at the hotel on a chilly night. The staff was so supportive after the bonfire we were gone for a night walk in the hills. After a long tiring day, we had a delicious dinner and stayed overnight at the hotel.


After having breakfast and checking out from the Dhanaulti hotel, we returned to Mussoorie at almost 11:00 hrs in the morning. On day one, we just went to Mall Road. However, there are several places to explore left in Mussoorie. Firstly we went to La Hill Vista hotel situated in Happy Valley on arrival. This hotel was almost 2.5 km from mall road. When we were there earlier at the hotel, they did not allow us to check in. We did not have any option left rather than to explore Mussoorie. Let us explore some popular attractions through my eyes.



The company garden was within walking distance from our hotel. You can say it is either Municipal Garden or Company Bagh or Botanical Gardens. The Garden Welfare Association has taken the responsibility to maintain this beautiful garden situated at Happy Valley. It creates a replica of colonial gardens with a lush green carpet of lawns and a fountain in its centre. It offers a large variety of flora and birds with 800 different species of flowers.


Kempty Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in not only Uttarakhand but in India. The falls are enveloped by high mountain cliffs and present an awe-inspiring view as the waterfalls from a high altitude and then split into five streams. It is a belief that Kempty derived from the Camp-Tea and the Britishers used to club several tea parties. Being on the Mussoorie-Dehradun Highway attracts a crowd from all over the country. However, it is full of tourists in high season, but after stepping across the lines along with the streamflow. We find a secluded rocky corral formed naturally by the streams. The sacred river, Yamuna, is not too far from the falls. The view was amazing from that spot, we did not have words to elaborate about it.

After exploring several places, we were tired and did not have the energy to cover more attractions. We decided to go towards our hotel and had our lunch. In the evening, after having some rest, we were sitting on the balcony, chit-chatting and playing with Tibetian kids. It was a Tibetan Colony, and the location was also a children’s village. We had our dinner and stayed overnight in the hotel. 


After having breakfast and checking out from the hotel, we submitted our luggage to the cloakroom. We decided to explore the Dalai Lama Temple that was within walking distance in the Tibetan Colony. Therefore, we walked to reach Dalai Lama Base due to hilly terrains. Moreover, we had to trek from there to reach the top of the hill. It was a short trek but refreshing to take the blessings of Lord Buddha. After not spending a lot of time in the temple, I returned to our hotel. I packed up all my belongings, and it was time back to work. We took a cab to reach the Mussoorie Bus stop and caught a bus to reach Dehradun. Both were starving during the journey from Mussoorie to Dehradun. We just had a delicious lunch in Dehradun and had some rest over in the hostel.

In the evening, we just took our pre-booked bus from Dehradun to Delhi with numerous memories and the beauty of the land of Gods. Whenever I travel, I get a chance to explore different things, and at the same time, it thrills me to hit the next trip as soon as possible. Moreover, I explored several things in Uttarakhand, whether it was the blessings of Lord Buddha, hilly terrain bike ride, warming born fire, unrealistic walking over the clouds with drizzles or restrictions, and many more.

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Story By: Bindiya Arora


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