TravLiv360!!! More like a dream come true for us. Here we spread the word on Travel and Life. But what does TravLiv360 mean? Let’s help you with this. Thinking of a unique name for the whole journey was difficult as we had to mix all our thoughts into one word. But after lots of brainstorming, TravLiv360 comes up. However, Travliv360 is not a single word but has a deep meaning in it. TravLiv360 is an amalgam of three words.

Trav means Travel

Liv means Life

360 means Around the World

TravLiv360 comes with the Moto

Travelling With New Perspective of Life”

Therefore, TravLiv360 covers two areas namely Travel and Life.

We are independent travellers and bloggers who explore unexplored places. TravLiv360 believes to spread the budget trip to its readers with a fresh and different perspective on life. We believe Travelling is an integral part of life, both Travel & Life go hand in hand.

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I was born in Delhi but raised in Sainik School Kunjpura, Karnal. Passionate about travel blogging, reading novels, and exploring this world. Let me elaborate on myself, I am straightforward and versatile in nature. Being a travel blogger, I am not confined to travel only. I love to share comprehensive knowledge for enhancement, travel, or anything which can make a difference as it relaxes my mind and heart too. I am not confined to any destination but fond of cultural tourism, beaches, and islands.

TravLiv360 Team


I am Bindiya Arora. I have completed my graduation from the University of Delhi. Being a traveller, I love to explore nature and culture. You can say my passion gave me a reason to be alive. Moreover, I am a travel agent by profession & passionately a travel blogger. I always want to hit unexplored places especially, mountains. Being a Delhite, I love to meet new people and experience versatile things. Travelling is the only reason which encourages me to write new stories and share my experiences with you.


I was born and raised in Delhi and love to explore travel blogging, driving, and exploring this universe. I am fond of travel even though I want to explore every small thing which makes me happy. Being a Delhite, I am always ready to pack up my bags to explore the world. Let me tell you about myself, I am open-minded and versatile in nature. I love to learn new things such as knowing a language even though I completed a Diploma in German from Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi. Nowadays, I am working with a travel agency to enhance my knowledge about the travel trade.


My name is Anjali Sharma. I have completed my Bachelor’s from the University of Delhi. I love to travel, and working in a travel trade organisation enhances my skills. Fly like a bird so that none can stop you from achieving anything. I am a person who always tries to give my best to gain comprehensive knowledge about new things, which makes me happier to be a traveller. Being a traveller, I know it’s not a task to explore any place in the hustle and bustle. So, I tried my best to explore new things with a better understanding.

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