TravLiv360! It’s a dream come true for us where we share our thoughts on Travel and Life. But what does TravLiv360 mean? Allow us to clarify. Finding a unique name that could encompass our entire journey was challenging, as we needed to merge all our ideas into a single word. After brainstorming, we arrived at the name TravLiv360. However, it’s not just one word; it has a deep meaning. TravLiv360 is an amalgam of three words.

Trav means Travel

Liv means Life

360 means Around the World

TravLiv360 comes with the Moto

Travelling With New Perspective of Life”

Therefore, TravLiv360 covers two areas namely Travel and Life.

We are independent travellers and bloggers who venture into unexplored places. At TravLiv360, we aim to provide our readers with a fresh and unique perspective on the best travel. We strongly believe that Travelling is an essential part of Life, and Travel goes hand in hand with our everyday experiences.

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I was born in Delhi, India but grew up in Sainik School Kunjpura, Karnal. I have a passion for travel blogging, reading novels, and exploring the world. Exploring the travel industry since 2016 and have been a part of various travel companies. I have been involved in outbound sales and operations in India and have learned about many destinations, including Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, Vietnam, Dubai, Paris, Switzerland, and many more.

To describe myself, I would say that I am straightforward and versatile. As a travel blogger, I don’t limit myself to writing about travel experiences only. I enjoy sharing comprehensive knowledge on various topics, whether related to travel or anything else that can make a difference, as it helps me relax my mind and heart. I don’t have any particular destination preferences, but I am fond of cultural tourism, beaches, and islands.

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