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Places Need To Be In Everyone's Bucket List

We live in a vast country like India, one of the largest and the most diverse countries and also famous for its incredible tourist destinations such as Taj Mahal, Varanasi, Rajasthan, Goa, Rameshwaram, Amritsar and so many. Everyone has a bucket list to travel to places such as Spain, Switzerland, Alaska, Australia, Singapore and so many. The generations of the 21st Century are crazier about going overseas and having a selfie on Pattaya Beach or a camel ride on the Sahara Desert.

Although there are many hidden gems that one can visit before going International from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. You will not believe that they are also a piece of this diverse country, and you even have not dreamed of visiting them. However, we do not acknowledge these real jewels of India. Thanks to the Incredible India drive, these places are catching the attention of Youth. So, To make everyone aware of these hidden jewels in India. Travliv360 comes up with Places Need To Be In Everyone’s Bucket List. So without spending more time let’s get started.


Ancient Village of India: Hampi

Hampi is known as the Ancient village of India, situated in Karnataka. It is the capital of the Hindu Kingdom of Vijayanagar. Among one of the most well-off places in India during the 14th and 16th centuries. It is a perfect spot to recognize the rich history of India. This village is very famous for History lover tourists. This famous Virupaksha Temple, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Places, is devoted to Lord Virupaksha. Deva Raya II built the temple. Virupaksha Temple is the primary spot of pilgrimage at Hampi and is the most sacred temple of this place. Virupaksha Temple is intact among the surrounding ruins and used to worship shiva to date.

Being so famous and prosperous always rests in the eyes of Attackers. Hampi was attacked by five Deccan Sultans called Bidar, Bijapur, Ahmednagar, Golconda, and Berar. They attacked Hampi in 1565 and looted Hampi for approximately six months. But despite the attack, Hampi did not lose its cultural value. Matanga hill is the best spot to enjoy sunset and sunrise. Elephant Stables is another famous place. It is a long structure with a row of domed chambers. It used to park the royal elephants in old times. There are many more amazing temples and structures to visit in Hampi. It is a perfect blend of all destinations in one place and worth exploring. It is a must-visit place that needs to be on the Everyone Bucket List.


The Paradise on Earth: Kashmir

A valley between the Great Himalayan Range and the Pir Panjal mountain range, Kashmir is a set of the beautiful simplicity and pristine natural beauty. Kashmir covers a unique culture that keeps you intrigued throughout your journey, from Srinagar to Sonamarg and Gulmarg to Pahalgam. Kashmir has a diversity of terrains ranging from lakes, snow-capped mountains, coniferous kissed hills to glacier-fed rivers. One way, there is wild and untouched terrain, and on the other, there are fields of saffron and orchards of apples awaiting their full bloom.

Kashmir has an intriguing cuisine that kept my taste buds wanting more. The dishes like Kashmiri Wazwan, Kashmiri kebabs, Rista curry (a meatball curry), Kashmiri Pulao, and their famous Rogan josh and so on. A traveller must try every bit of a part of their gastronomic adventure. Sonamarg and Gulmarg promise a lot of fun in the snow and ensure you take flight home with snow-capped memories imprinted in your mind’s eye.

Pahalgam is a wondrous place to visit for its unique parks like Bethab Valley, Aru Valley, and Chandan Valley. A morning walk or a short stroll can never do justice to the amount of natural beauty there is to take in. Bethab valley has vast sunny lawns spotted with clusters of tall, coniferous trees. There’s a gushing stream cutting through the park that keeps you company while you gaze at the white Himalayan range. It is a perfect blend of all destinations in one place and worth exploring. It is a must-visit place that needs to be on the Everyone Bucket List.


Temple of Kedarnath surrounded by Snowy Mountain

Kedarnath is one of the main holy places of Hindu Mythology. It is popular among religious and adventure lovers. Kedarnath is a part of Small Char Dham located 230 km from Rishikesh. You need to acquire a bus from Rishikesh to Gaurikund and stay there overnight. Gaurikund is the last motorable place near Kedarnath. You have to walk to the main temple. Or else, you can take the helicopter service or porter service. In the morning, start your trek for the temple.

It is an 18 km mind-blowing trek that everyone needs to experience. Subsequently, on a seven km trek, you will reach Rambada and where you can rest for a while. Later on, your trekking will start for the Kedarnath temple that stretches to 11 km approx. The temple of Kedarnath holds a special place in the heart of religious people. But not only the temple, but the trek also gives ultimate chills to the travellers. Trek covered with mountains and rivers provides travellers with an alternative to cover various things in one place. It is a must-visit place that needs to be on the Everyone Bucket List.


Boat House in Kerala

Not merely 1 or 2 cities, the whole state is worth exploring. A week trip to Kerala will allow you to discover hill stations, National Park, beaches, and also heart-melting mountain views in only one terminus. Cochin is a port town in which you can explore heritage churches, beaches, museums, and so along. Then head towards Munnar to enjoy the mountains, Attukad Waterfalls, Mattupetty Dam, and many more. A famous puppet show will unveil the hidden child in you. Thekkady will be your next stop and where you will start to explore the Periyar National Park. You can explore the boat ride in the park. You can spend a night on Alleppey Houseboat and experience moving houseboats only in Alleppey. Therefore, this will be a unique experience.

Thiruvananthapuram is a place where you can explore traditional temples and beaches. The best part of this state is they are untouched by modern culture and manage to maintain their old identity alive. So when you travel to Kerala and you will get the old vibe of real Kerala, not an altered one. Their food, lifestyle, culture is still alive with them and can explore. Then Kanyakumari will give you the chance to explore the Vivekananda Rock Memorial. The famous Our Lady of Ransom Church, Vattakottai Fort, and many more places are on the way. It is a complete blend of all destinations in one place and worth exploring. It is a must-visit place that needs to be on the Everyone Bucket List.


Valley of Ooty: The Queen of Hills

Ooty – Place I have always desired to visit since my childhood. It is a small hill station that lies in the Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu. Ooty covered with mountains and a blanket of green trees. Ooty has all the drawing cards which one needs to gossip about during his/her trip. Lakes, colonial heritage, temples, parks & gardens, wildlife, and many more. You can also enjoy hiking at Doddabetta Peak, Kodanad View Point, Kotagiri ViewPoint, and Catherine Water Falls. We feel like enjoying a boat ride, giving way to Ooty Lake, Pykara Lake, and enjoying the sunset at Emerald Lake. Mettupalayam-Ooty Mountain Railway is a famous path to make your path to this mind-blowing destination. Enjoying the journey of a mountain infamous toy train will be a memorable experience.

Ooty is also renowned for tea plantations. Famous hillside plantations in the surrounding Nilgiri Mountains use in Ooty to grow world-famous tea. You can proceed for a factory tour to witness how the leaves are processed. Then a joy ride to a tea shop to sip the dark, fragrant brew, often infused with a bunch of spices and served as Masala Chai. Ooty chocolate is also famous around the world. For a morning walk, you can travel to the Karnataka Siri Horticulture Garden or Arboretum Tree Garden to enjoy the cold breeze of the mountain. It is a must-visit place that needs to be on the Everyone Bucket List.


White Desert of Rann of Kutch

Rann of Kutch covered with White Sand all over the globe is a must-visit place for wanderlust people. It is one of the greatest and largest salt deserts in the world. The Great Rann of Kutch stretched in the Thar Desert of Kutch District of Gujarat and received a large number of tourists all over the year. The number of tourists increases during Great Rann Utsav starting 12 Nov 2020 and will continue till 28 Feb. This 3-month festival has Live folk music & dance performances, incredible camel safaris, a local lifestyle stay, and a delicious Kutch cuisine in its lineup. It is the best time to get lost in this large white sand dreamland.

Famous Khushboo Gujarat Ki drive-by actor Amitabh Bachchan has increased tourism in Rann of Katch as it advertises Rann as a global tourist spot. Climb Kalo Dungar or Black Hill – the highest point in Kutch in getting a scenic vista of the Great Rann of Kutch. Visit the White-salt desert to take the air on white salt, sand, or to enjoy a camel ride. Locate colourful migratory birds at Chhari Dhand Bird Sanctuary.

If you like digging in the past Kutch has something to offer to you as well. The Marvelous Kutch Museum is the oldest in Gujarat and has the biggest collection of Kshatrapa inscriptions. Besides, you can witness the extinct Kutchi script and an attention-grabbing collection of coins. Vijay Vilas Palace is another must-visit spot situated in Mandvi. Do not forget to visit the terrace of the palace for a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding that is simply stunning. It is a perfect blend of all destinations in one place and worth exploring. It is a must-visit place that needs to be on the Everyone Bucket List.


Switzerland of India: Sikkim

Sikkim – the most beautiful and incredible destination in the world. A North-Eastern Indian state famous for its wildlife, One of the highest Kanchenjunga Peak, cultural Buddhist monasteries & adventure trekking. Being situated in the mountain area and remaining untouched by modern India and maintaining natural spots. Sikkim is the best destination for people who desire to escape Urban factory life and spend a vacation in peace. Visit Gonjang Monastery & Do Drul Chorten Monastery to experience the ancient and rich culture of the Buddhist community. The Ban Jhakri Falls Park is another tourist attraction near Gangtok to experience a 100-foot waterfall. Enjoy the mesmerizing town ride by driving the famous Gangtok Ropeway. Enjoy an aerial view of Gangtok and get beaten by the incredible view of the city. Sikkim has many more such destinations to research.

Along with tourist spots, the cuisine of Sikkim is also famous along with visitors. Thukpa, Sel roti, Thenthuk, Chhaang & Sha Phaley are some delicious food of this location. Besides, you can enjoy trekking on the world’s best scenic hiking trails and rivers ideal for white water rafting. This North-Eastern state also experiences a perfect adventure destination in India famous for trekkers, rafters, mountaineers, and rock climbers. It is a complete blend of all destinations in one place and worth exploring. It is a must-visit place that needs to be on the Everyone Bucket List.


The Largest Delta on Earth: Sundarbans

The Sundarbans national park is a must-visit during the winters! Sundarban is the largest mangrove forest in the world and also a UNESCO heritage site. While Royal Bengal tigers are the major tourist attractions here, a Sundarban tour is also about reading back home a bag full of unique experiences. It makes Sundarban one of the most charming places to visit near Kolkata. While the biggest attractions of the Sundarban delta are the Royal Bengal Tigers, many other animals are living in this swampland. Some animals include the estuary crocodiles, Olive Ridley turtles, fishing cats, and flying foxes. During the winters, many species of colourful migratory birds occupied the banks of the water bodies. The best season for a Sundarban tour is between November and March. 

The safari experience at Sundarban is unlike any other. It suffers totally on boats! You will be passing through the creeks and rivers, mostly during the high tide time (as the flow of water makes the channels easy to navigate). During the low tide, marvel at the “mudflats” (tracts of lands that rise when the water recedes). For a day trip, the boats will engage you in different watchtowers around the core area of the forest (such as Sajnekhali and Sudhanyakhalishows). 

Glowing Forests, Bhagabatpur Crocodile Sanctuary, Burir Dabri Watch Tower, and Netidhopani are the major tourist attractions inside the Sundarban National Park. It is a perfect blend of all destinations in one place and worth exploring. It is a must-visit place that needs to be on the Everyone Bucket List.


The Highest Altitude Valley of Flower

Valley of flowers national park is located in Uttrakhand: The Land of Gods, popularly known as Devabhumi. Uttrakhand is a household of many heart-melting landscapes and hill stations. Among them, one is the valley flower and which deserves to be known as heaven on earth. Valley of flowers is situated in North Chamoli and Pithoragarh. It is a piece of the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve near Badrinath, the holy Dham among the Char Dham. The Valley of flowers lies at an altitude of 3500 meters to 4500 meters. You can catch a bus from Rishikesh to Govindghat and stay there overnight. Later on, start your trek to the valley of flowers via Pauline village and Ghangaria in the morning. You have to stay overnight at Ghangaria as entry opens in the early dawn.

Valley of flowers is best known for its grassland of endemic alpine flowers and different varieties of flora. This richly diverse area is additionally home to uncommon and endangered beasts, like the Asiatic black bear, ounce, Moschus moschiferus, bruin, red fox, and blue sheep. Birds found within the park include Himalayan monal pheasant and other high altitude birds. It is a must-visit place for Places that need to be on the Everyone Bucket List. Valley of the flower is a combination of mountains, gardens, and waterfalls. You can experience various weather while trekking in the park. Here you got a chance to discover the plant which you could not find anywhere around the globe.


Hence these are the Places that Need To Be In Everyone’s Bucket List. Comment down your bucket list and share these blogs with your allies & family to help make India a global tourist spot. Also, If you want another part of this article shows your support in the comment section below.

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Composed By: Mayank Aggarwal


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