In the twenty-four hours of our day, we hear this line more than once or twice. Do you? Sporadically we meet someone who makes us say this, and sometimes we even do puerile things that make people say this to us. Have you ever wondered why people say this? What thrusts them off the wagons when this topic hashes out? Do these matter to you? Common Sense! What does this mean? 



Everyone has their theory about Common Sense. If we look at this scientifically, then common sense is simply the total of our knowledge and experiences applied in practical ways. People who do not use their common sense lack decision-making and find it hard or take time to find a solution. We can also call this situation hindering problem-solving. It is a fudge factor that allows the unique interpretations of individual experiences altogether for the sole sake of simplicity. We need common sense to support our belief that what we believe is the consensus. It is a trick of confidence that allows more comfortable conclusions. Ask too many questions, and you will find no two people agree on anything, by sheer virtue of the only fact that they are not the same person. 

Common sense is not so more common because we live in an age of enlightenment. It is an intuitive sense, which is very often going wrong. It is what tells you the earth is flat. Common sense is what tells you a heavy thing should fall faster than a light thing. It is a name for a collection of fast heuristics, superstitions, intuitions, and general rules of thumb that may or may not be accurate. As we have learned more and more about the physical world, we have discovered that the universe does not care about common sense and is also not bound by human intuition. What do I believe in Common Sense?


Common sense is the emblem of the presence of mind, how you respond to a particular incident. Whether you can handle situations with great composure and give a quick reaction to them; However, it should be either sarcastic or logical as it makes the front person speechless. That is why people say COMMON SENSE IS NOT SO COMMON NOW.

To see cases of COMMON SENSE IS NOT SO COMMON NOW. You have to look around, and numerous examples are on our platter, for example, the children playing with a ball inside the house near the TV or any precious item. When you ask them not to, they still do it even if they end up breaking something. You would have done it in your childhood. Do you remember?

You might have seen your manager who was analyzing a blundering error made by an employee. The manager replied it is just common sense. Anyone should know better than this. BLAH BLAH!!! Most of us could complete the sentence based on some incident we have either observed or been involved in. Other than this, I witnessed the same incident when my colleague was supposed to do everyday data entry, and he chose to do it one by one instead of using the shortcut. It consumed his time, and imagine doing 600 entries one by one. These cases might give you a good laugh, but these are generic things, so we do not see them as our main concern. Our concern is not confined to generic terms only. Now we have a bigger picture to handle, that is COVID-19 Pandemic.


This question might enclose you to think about it for quite a bit. Yes! Are You? There is the slenderest possibility of not coming up with an average or good answer. However, when you do pint-sized brainstorming, then you will see the silver lining between people being purposely ignorant and not having the power to decide to save them. WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) issued the guidelines on HOW TO BE PRECAUTIOUS. Some people pass it on instead of taking precautions. They chose to relax and bash the country it came for and even called it a hoax. 

Let me explain with you an example. Once upon a time, I was in a cab, and the driver was not wearing a mask. You might be indignant. How irresponsible is he? When I asked him the reason. So, do not be surprised! He replied Madam! The government wants to create just a hoax. There is nothing to be worried about it. I do not wear a mask, neither my family nor anyone in our area, even though we are still in good shape. You can wonder about how imprudent the environment he and people around him are living. Do you think it ends here? No! My friend. There are people worse than him. It was just a teaser and part of 64% of ill-minded people residing in our nation. Who does not have a thing to prove but a pack of throwaway reasons to deny the precautions?


Times of India quoted in their recent edition because there is a simple way to fight the coronavirus than the vaccine, and Indians are not just using it well. It is India where people believe them as Supremo even though above GOD. A survey of nearly 2,000 respondents from over 25 cities reveals some disturbing facts. The facts are that 50% of Indians are not wearing masks, and of those wearing them, 64% are not doing it rightfully.

Do you think this statistics ends here? No Dude! The Hindu quotes that Indians are in a beeline as the unlocking process is going, and the second wave was unbearable. Either I or these newspapers may be wrong about the facts. The photographs from one of the regional and national newspapers reflect the crowded market of Delhi during COVID-19. Honestly, tell me, how many people are wearing masks? I say hardly five. Alas! Most people here are adults, and everyone is aware of the rapid growth in Corona positive cases. Delhi is and was a red zone when the news agencies clicked these photos.


It is just the case of no social distancing, but what about the different ways of wearing the mask. I am not surprised that we all have seen people either wearing masks to slip the imposed fine by the state government or just wearing it because the situation demands it. Although, the way they wear it is like wearing a half t-shirt in winter or wearing cricket pads in a Football match. It may sound absurd, but it is true. These pictures show how 64% of Indians are keen to accessorize the mask in every way possible. Instead of wearing it the right way to protect them, they are interested in procuring their ears, lips and chin from neglecting the entryways uncovered to welcome the virus. 


People are hardly getting beds in hospitals; medical bills do not know how to touch the ground anymore, on an average 88,000 cases per day with 4000 average deaths. People still do not understand the severity of the situation in India. Some ill-minded folks still choose to overlook everything and continue to dishearten us. Today, a school going toddler knows how to take precautions. It proves that 64% of the Indians do not have the common sense to use. They fail to use it at such a crucial time.

Instead of going for the double masking method, they go for scarves or cotton masks that are as useful as an orange seed to make things sour, not sweet. It does not stop here, even though these people go out on the town and hang out. If they get the infection, they sit at home for a while and get local medicines until things go out of hand. It’s high time people should take things seriously. When will people realize that not using common sense will only harm them? How many deaths and cases will people take to understand the strain? There are numerous questions for people like these in my head, which keeps popping up every time I go out and see someone roaming around with zero precautions.

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Composed By: Joya Gupta


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