Hey Guys! Do you remember me? No, Oh! My bad. Let me introduce you again. I am Deepshikha Sharma, who introduced you to the Best Places in Delhi to Cover in one day. Now, are we on the same page? Good! Initially, I thank all of you for such love and support from you on my previous blog. So, I thought of coming up with another blog that takes you to the Amazing Places around Delhi to cover in one weekend. 

Delhi will never fail to amaze you and make a delightful spot in your heart. It is the only city in this world with a unique distinction of having not one site, but three UNESCO World Heritage Sites namely Red Fort, Humayun Tomb and Qutub Minar Complex within its boundaries. You might be wondering is there any hidden gem around Delhi or everything is within borders only. To be honest, there are a lot of hidden gems that surrounded this amazing city. So, Travlive360 again come up with a new blog – Amazing Places Around Delhi To Cover in one weekend.



Alwar always manifests itself with its magnificent castle, elegant city palace and vibrating markets. Furthermore, it is the nearest major city of Rajasthan approx 165 KM away or a four-hour drive to travel from Delhi. Alwar always has something for tourists like the Bhangarh Fort, Sariska Tiger Reserve (the most astonishing place in Alwar), the heritage Havelis and Water Reservoirs that depict an amalgam of the Natural and Cultural Heritage of India. Mega Alwar Trade Fair is also a major attraction that is held every year on Dussehra Ground. Don’t you think something is missing? Alwar ka Mawa or the handmade Papier-mâché (literally ‘chewed paper’) especially makes my mouth salivate. I cannot stop myself from tasting a delicious dish that is from Alwar. Therefore, it is one of the amazing places around Delhi to cover in one weekend.



Most people don’t know about this lake, even though I was not aware of this lake which is just 65 KM away from Delhi before this blog. When I started writing this blog, it also attracted me as a Delhiite. Therefore, it makes me add Bhindawas Lake to the list of amazing places around Delhi to cover in one weekend. I ensure it is an ideal destination for weekend picnics, bird lovers, photographers, and videographers. It is the largest wetland region with an area of twelve kilometres in Haryana.

Do you know? This lake is the home of thousands of migratory birds and native birds. Therefore, the government declared it a wildlife sanctuary in 1985. Kingfishers, peacocks, Bulbuls, Common Hoopoe, Greater Cormorants, Purple Swamp Hens, and many other species of birds who fly around and produce a cacophony of sounds always attracts a lot of tourists every year. It is a perfect escape to take you closer to nature from the hustle-bustle of Delhi.



There are a few places in Haryana that cease to surprise travellers. What I do believe, it is one of the least-explored places in India. Although, there is always something that makes you adorable about that destination. Yes! Dhosi Hill is that place that admires every road traveller who loves to find incredible spots. What is so Incredible about Dhosi Hill? Chyawanprash, you must have taken as a medicinal dose in winters. Yes! Dhosi Hill is the dark horse of this invention which protects you from severe cold. It is one of the incredible spots of Haryana that leave every tourist in awe of their magnificent surroundings full of temples, forts, and ponds. This hill has religious sentiments like Hindus are worshipping the ancient Chyavana Temple with numerous Shekhawati Paintings for centuries. Dhosi Fort, located on the top, always gives you a panoramic view of the nearby settlements.


As we know, Manesar is an industrial town and home to several industries. Despite this, its lush vegetation and relaxed environment make Manesar a popular weekend getaway on the Delhi-Jaipur Highway. Manesar was once the slumbering village of Haryana, but now it offers its visitors a gentle promenade. The farmhouses, heritage resorts, adventure parks make Manesar a favourite weekend destination, dotted with several tourist attractions. The awe-inspiring spot of Manesar is the local market where you can grab some incredible woodcrafts such as utensils, furniture, boxes, gift boxes, toys, and many more. A getaway at Manesar is relaxing, away from the regular hustle and bustle of the city.



I do remember when I was there in Vrindavan in January 2020. When I heard the chants of sacred texts, RADHE RADHE or HARE KRISHNA in the holy city, I forgot all my worries, free from anxieties and stress. This place is so relaxing and away from all the hustle-bustle of Delhi. You can also say Mathura & Vrindavan are the twin cities and holy cities of Hinduism. Mathura is the birthplace of the beloved Lord Krishna, whereas Vrindavan is the place where Lord Krishna spends his childhood. Mathura & Vrindavan are the cities where one can witness the several temples that depict the life of Lord Krishna.

If you are looking for more than just a regular tourist fare, the best way to discover Mathura & Vrindavan is to take a stroll around the streets. Every nook and cranny of this religious town still retains an old-world charm that belies the urbanization the city has kept up with it. It is impossible to think of a city as old as Mathura & Vrindavan and imagine it not having delicious traditions of the street’s food! Do not forget to try local snacks such as kachoris, aloo-puri, and chaat, which are available at any food store in the streets.



When you hear Neemrana, what comes to your mind? A majestic town with magnificent forts and palaces in Alwar on the Delhi-Jaipur Highway. The eye-catching spot of this town is the Neemrana Fort Palace that was built in 1464 by Rajput Maharaja Prithvi Raj Chauhan III. Although, this palace turned into one of the oldest heritage luxury hotels in Rajasthan now. If you are looking to experience royalty in this modern world, then this fort will cease your attention towards it. I do believe Delhiites are the luckiest people to get a peaceful and magical weekend getaway. Neemrana provides the heritage resorts, adventure sports, festivals, and colours in the laps of beautiful nature, where every single big wall shouts out its different heroic tale. Therefore, Neemrana is one of the amazing places around Delhi to cover in one weekend.


What do you think about the name SOHNA? How did it derive? Are you wondering the same as I am? Yes, it is derived from the word SONA that refers to the gold dust blowing in the region, especially after heavy rains. However, Sohna becomes a popular weekend place for families and couples due to its medicinal hot water spring, Shiva Temple, Gora Barak Mosque and Damdama Lake. Moreover, it is one of the amazing places around Delhi to cover in one weekend. 

Although do you know? Sohna is also famous for being home to the annual vintage car rally held every year in February. The people across India come to demonstrate their collection of vintage beauties, including Rolls Royce, Aston Martins, and Austins. The rally also awards trophies to car owners according to their performance, maintenance, and restoration. If you have a penchant for vintage cars, then it is a perfect place for you.



Most of you have experienced Jim Corbett National Park but do you know we also have a National Park around Delhi itself. Yes, you read it right, Sultanpur National Park is just a 40 KM drive away from Delhi. All the travellers, wild photographers and adventurers can spend a moment of relaxation here by spotting some of the 250 natives and migrating bird species that come from Europe, Siberia, and Central Asia. Sultanpur National Park is home to teal, kingfisher, lapwings, sandpipers, damsel cranes, and much more. If you want to blow your mind and witness numerous migratory birds, then you try this place once in winter. It is one of my favourites and amazing places around Delhi to cover in one weekend.

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