Last Night, I was scrolling down on Instagram. So I came across the travel bucket list of people. They want to cover a lot of places outside India. What is so cliche? You are going for those which are already similarly available here in India. Yes! You read it right. For some of you, there is nothing in India to explore. You are wrong!!! Numerous places are there to travel in India. The best place ever I find being a Delhite, Delhi itself. Yes, Delhi: Desh Ki Rajdhani. It is one of the primary stopovers for getting to various parts of India. Delhi has its importance for every traveller and the enthusiasts of travelling. With a lot to explore in and around the place, it is easy to prey on travel bugs. So set out in the exploration of the best places in Delhi to cover in one day.

With a long history of invasions and rules, Delhi has observed numerous architecture styles taking beauty and variation to a whole new level with every new au. One can see how chaos turns into beauty in the region of Old Delhi, Chandni Chowk. The wafts of some delicious food cooking will always welcome you here. Wherever you go to incredible tourist places in Delhi like Sheeshganj or Bangla sahib Gurudwara, inner peace will knock at your door. If you think that we cannot explore Delhi in one day, kindly come out of the fool’s paradise. Therefore, you have not been to one of these places also, and Travliv360 will tell you why exactly you should. So without wasting so much time. Let us have a ride to all the best places in Delhi to cover in one day.


Akshardham means the ‘Abode of God’. According to the Guinness World Records of Book, Akshardham Temple is one of the largest Hindu temples in the world. It’s built based on Vastu Shastra (A Traditional Hindu Architectural Science) and Pancharatra Shastra (Beliefs of the Five Manifestations of God). Believe it or not! When I say that it is simply a gorgeous temple! Visiting Akshardham is like viewing several architectural styles across India.

Right under the central dome of the temple is a tall idol of Swaminarayan, to whom the temple is dedicated, made with the launch dhaatu or five metals as per the Hindu Belief, with idols of Sita Ram, Radha Krishna, Shiv Parvati, and Lakshmi Narayan made with the same practice. In the evening, one can witness the Musical Fountain Show – Circle of Life.  I have been there quite a few times. It was a wonderful experience to be at one of the best places in Delhi to cover in one day. 


Chandni Chowk is a fiesta of food, shopping galore, a camera carnival and hounding after history and nestled in the middle of the walled city of Old Delhi, located opposite the Red Fort, with Jama Masjid. It has been in existence for hundreds of years, and an exploration of its winding, narrow alleyways is certainly an adventure. These narrow lanes of Chandni Chowk are famous for their diversified bazaars. 

If you are looking for fabrics, head to Katra Neel, look for electronics, head to Bhagirath Palace, look for jewellery, head towards Dariba Kalan, looking for spices, head to Khari Baoli, The Largest Spice Market of Asia. Kinari Bazaar of Chandni Chowk is famous for everything you need for a wedding, including saris, sherwani and many more. In Chandni Chowk, you will find a delicious assortment of Delhi Street food, whether Paratha in Paranthe Wali Gali, Jalebi or Rabri Faluda, chicken in Karim’s at Jama Masjid. Chandni Chowk is a gourmet of delicious food known for the specials that one can taste here. Moreover, Sheeshganj Sahib, Jain Mandir and Jama Masjid demonstrate the significance of United India.


Connaught Place, often abbreviated as CP and one of the primary financial, commercial and business centres in New Delhi, India. The Connaught Place market is a blend of high-end shops, including Adidas Originals, Allen Solly, Bentley to cheap flea markets in the Inner circle. One can also check out famous nearby markets like the famous Palika Bazar, Janpath, Shankar Market. Madame Tussauds, Agrasen ki Baoli, Bangla Sahib Gurudwara and Hanuman Mandir are also tourist attractions here. It also boasts a variety of restaurants, cafes and bars in Delhi. Therefore, Connaught Place is safe to go out for dinner even at late nights. When I got a chance to visit Rajiv Chowk, I never missed roaming around the streets here. All in all, Connaught Place is one of the best places in Delhi to cover in one day.


Delhi Haat! Located opposite the INA market in the commercial centres of South Delhi. Delhi Haat is an open-air shopper’s paradise, food plaza, and craft bazaar located in Delhi and run by Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC). It provides the ambience of a traditional Rural Haat or village market, but one amused for more simultaneous needs. Here one sees a synthesis of crafts, food and cultural activity and can witness the culture and the environment of Dilli Haat.

Step inside the complex for an altogether delightful experience by either buying incredible ethnic wares, savouring the delicacies of different states or simply relaxing in the evening with the entire family. I have been there quite a few years back. I do remember it was one of the best shopping places to attract many tourists from abroad. If you are in Delhi, never miss a chance to visit one of the best places in Delhi to cover in a day.


Hudson lane, the most iconic lane for all travellers, is the food hub for Delhi University attendees. In North Campus, all roads lead to Hudson Lane near GTB Nagar Metro Station. I find Hudson as the best place to chill in North Delhi, whether having a portion of delicious food, riding a bike, attending events or celebrating birthdays, fun with friends, dating someone and a lot of fun. You can find anything and everything at all times at the same place. Isn’t it exciting to have this me-time spot? Several cafes with a unique ambience and best friend to my pocket like Hudson Cafe, Cafeteria and Co, Spezia Bistro and Jack N Chill. If you are fond of food, this place is everything for you. So, I recommend you should come here and visit Hudson Lane anytime for chilling. Hudson Lane is one of the best places in Delhi to cover in one day.


Sydney Opera House or the Lotus Temple, one of the same architecture style, don’t you feel it? Yes, both are look-alike; Sydney Opera House was the inspiration for the architecture of the Lotus temple. It is a flower-like shrine in Delhi dedicated to Baha’i belief and is, in truth, a Baha’i House of Worship and one of the prominent tourist attractions of Delhi. The Lotus temple is open to all for visiting irrespective of their religion.

In 2001, the temple had attracted more than 70 million visitors making it one of the most visited attractions in the world. In 2018, I was there with my friend. When we entered the central hall, I got stubbed for a while as there was a pin drop silence. Being a Delhite, I have been growing in a hustle-bustle environment. On that day, I felt peace in my mind for the first time in my life. I recommend you must have it there when you get a chance to cover the best place in Delhi in one day.


Lutyens Delhi! One of the newest chapters in the history of Delhi embarking on British Glory. This part of Delhi controls all the aspects of India, whether it is development or criticism. Edward Lutyens and Herbert Baker were responsible for designing the Raisina Hill region into New Delhi. India Gate, Parliament House, Rashtrapati Bhawan, North Block, South Block, Supreme Court and Central Secretariat are the significant structures that demonstrate the amalgam of Indian Culture, Heritage and British Architecture Style.

The President, The Prime Minister, The Chief Justice, the members of Parliament and all the officials reside here. The Mughal Garden at Rashtrapati Bhawan is one of the significant attractions for travellers in February and March. I always prefer to visit here. You will get to observe a lot of varieties of flowers especially, Bonsai Garden. It is one of the best places in Delhi to cover in one day. Also, you will found various museums and Bhawan of each state in this area.


The Hauz Khas Village is originally a residential enclave of South Delhi, its heart being the historic Hauz Khas Complex with its medieval madrasa, tombs, and mosque. And the greenery of its Deer Park has morphed into the best place to feel the lifeline of India’s creative scene. In summers, enormous yellow laburnum and flame trees filter the morning sun, while in winter, gauzy mist floats over the bright green lake.

The Hauz Khas Village has been witnessing the growth of trendy shops and lodgings. Therefore, it has become the centre for domestic and international tourists and backpackers. Chock-a-block with design agencies and curio shops and hugging an ancient reservoir, tiny Hauz Khas Village is easy to navigate and not too crowded, except at weekends. I have been there quite a few times. It was one of the best nights of my life roaming around there. It can be yours too, so I recommend to you The Hauz Khas Village, one of the best places in Delhi to cover in one day.

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Composed By: Deepshikha Sharma


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