⚠️Warning: Potential Blasphemy of Cruelty Ahead for Some Readers ⚠️ After centuries and centuries of evolution, we have emerged as the most powerful beings on the planet. But what do we do with that power? Humans abuse it daily and deform, demonstrate cruelty over innocent and voiceless animals, twist, and remove the existence of everything that we do not feel is important enough.


Human's Cruelty over Innocent and Voiceless Animals

One incident in the past broke me into pieces. I have been considering the photographs of the mother elephant standing in the water. Helpless and in extreme pain, and tore my heart into two halves. I can’t even imagine what pain and discomfort that the Elephant might have felt? We could not put that agony into words, no matter how much we try?

Moreover, she was 18 months pregnant and carrying her kid in her womb. What could be worse for a mother, knowing that her child would die at any second and she could not do anything? What was her fault? This much that she believed brutal humans. But are those people who fed her the crackers stuffed pineapple to be blamed? Or is it YOU and ME? We humans have gone to great lengths in destroying the natural habitats of these animals in our comfort. In the end, we are to blame as well for this. One incident of the mother elephant broke us into pieces. We are ashamed to be human. Have you ever thought, we have been killing innocent & voiceless animals either for entertainment or in the name of traditions for centuries? We become so inhumane, and we yet do not care about their pity conditions.


Difference Between Necessity and Cruelty of Innocent and Voiceless Animals

Some of you will contend that we evolved as hunter-gatherers, but during that, we had done it for survival. It was a different commodity, but the massacre of voiceless animals for entertainment and traditions does not make any sense in the name of humans. I screamed when I found these pics. I do not even feel like a human anymore over this cruelty.

Probably, humans are the cruellest beings on this planet. Festivals mean to love and not to torture the voiceless. Some of us even believe in sacrificing someone’s life in the name of culture and custom. In several parts of the world, all for the sake of tradition and entertainment torture and kill innocent animals. Please make sure that you keep these 16 cruel events of your travel route as you can feel that agony and misery. People celebrate these festivals across the world to show the cruelty of humans, see animals, and brutally killed in the name of tradition and entertainment.


Possum Festival, Florida

During this festival, people bid on an opossum, and the highest bidder gets to hold the animal upside down and shake it. That is the reason why? No one knows why. Opossums are those nocturnal animals who left frightened beyond measure after this daytime event. It has been taking place for 50 years now. This festival just shows us the cruelty of humans over innocent & voiceless animals.


Kots Kaal Pato, Mexico

This event takes place in the Mexican state of Yucatán. It involves ducks being tied to wooden crossbeams by their feet and stuffed into piñatas. Later on, they are then beaten with sticks until they die. Most of the ducks die in this process and the ones who get through it. Later, Crowd killed the rest of the ducks. At the end of the festival, a duck hangs from a wooden scaffold, and contestants attempt to grab it. It gets around the bird’s neck and splatters the audience with blood.


Tlacotalpan Bull Festival, Mexico

In this weeklong annual fiesta in Veracruz, boats drag force-fed alcohol bulls across a river. Later on, they are beaten, stabbed, and unleashed on the inhabitants of the city. In the procedure of self-defence, they push, thrash, and throw stones at the animals. This festival demonstrates the cruelty of humans over innocent & voiceless animals.


In this rodeo-style event in Yucatán, charging bulls eviscerated horses. Although this cruelty is against the law, officials have taken no action to lay it off. This festival just shows us the cruelty of humans over innocent & voiceless animals.


Festival of the Ox (Farra do Boi), Brazil

In this cruelty filled festival of Brazil, Participants torture and beat oxen before burning them alive. Sometimes, their eyes are wiped with hot pepper and scooped out. The shattering of their limbs and the snapping and hacking off of their tails takes place. Some are even extinguished with gasoline and set on flaming. Whether an ox survives in this process, Participants kill it and allocate their flesh among themselves.


People of Nepal celebrate this festival every five years in the Gadhimai Temple of Bariyarpur in Nepal’s Bara District. Madheshi and Bihari people mainly celebrate this festival. Gadhimai being the goddess of power in Nepal, this festival revolved around getting her glad. It is a way of making her happy with the sacrificial slaughter of creatures like water buffaloes, pigs, goats, chickens, and pigeons.

In 2009, the scarification of 50,000 animals took place approximately. On 28 July 2015, Thanks to HSI, India banned this festival. The Home Ministry in India had directed the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh to monitor and make sure no animals get to Nepal to the fiesta.


Deopokhari Festival In Nepal creul on Innocent and Voiceless Animals

This festival took place 900 years ago, as locals believed that a demon lived in the village pond, where many people dropped dead after drowning. The only intention of this festival is to cast a young female goat into a pond before strangling and tearing it apart with bare hands. This festival demonstrates the cruelty of humans over innocent & voiceless animals.


In the northern village of Nem Thuong, pigs are tied up by all four legs and forced onto their covers, painted and exhibited around the town before being killed. A heavy sword is used to cut the screaming animals in two halves. So, the local villagers can dip money in the line of descent to receive luck for this new year.

Nem Thuong Pig-Slaughter Festival, Vietnam

The Vietnamese Ministry of Culture in 2015, Sport and Tourism demanded that all “outdated” and “uncivilized” festivals throughout the country give up immediately. A regulation enforcing the order came into force on 5 February 2016. Still, to this date, Nem Thuong organizers remain defiant. Even today, the pigs are tied up and paraded about the hamlet with the noise of drums. But only public slaughtering does not take place.


The butchering of thousands of dogs happens only for human use of goods and services at the annual dog eating celebration in China Yulin. The canines forcefully travel long distances and are crammed into crowded wire cages. The dogs languish without food or water as they await their fate. Within ten days, the killing of 10,000–15,000 dogs took place in the Yulin Dog Festival for eating purposes. They watch like they are heartless as those before them have their throats slit. Many have reportedly been beaten and still burned or boiled alive. In this highly infamous celebration in Yulin (China), cat meat is also usable for the people. The festival started in 2009 and is backed by the superstition that eating dog meat brings good luck.

There might be a silver lining in the Coronavirus outbreak. In Shenzhen, the fifth most populous city of China, lawmakers are trying to outlaw eating dogs, caterpillars, and all wild beasts.


Umkhosi Ukweshwama, South Africa cruel on Innocent and Voiceless Animals

It is a belief in the Zulu community of South Africa that this festival is a test of manhood, where young warriors chase a ball or so an enclosure, wrestle him to the land, and kill him by breaking his neck or smothering him. The killing takes nearly 40 minutes, during which lots of men trampled the bellowing, groaning bull, and wrenched its head around by the horns to try and break its neck. It is a belief to consider this festival as a test of manhood and a sign of a good harvest season.


Toro de la Vega, Spain cruel on Innocent and Voiceless Animals

This annual cruel event takes place in the town of Tordesillas in Spain, where a bull is chased through the streets and stabbed to death with spears. In this show of power, the bulls are sometimes even stabbed to death.

In 2016, the regional government banned the killing of bulls. The people of Tordesillas rejected the current prohibition. Even after the legal system of the country is being contested. In traditional fiesta, the public killing of a bull does not take place. The inhabitants renamed this festival Toro de la Peña in 2016.


Pero Palo is a traditional celebration of Carnival that takes place in Villanueva de la Vera in the dell region of Extremadura in Spain. The festival has very ancient origins and the tradition of burning a puppet of human appearance. The Holy Inquisition pursued the Peropalo. The accused were kept open by saying that the mannequin represented a Jew. The packaging of the body of a new Peropalo and the utilization of the same head takes place each year. On the last day of Carnival, an actor riding a donkey turns the streets of the city amid the ridicule of the inhabitants and substitutes the ultimate sentence of Peropalo.


It is a part of the San Fermín fiesta in Pamplona, and running with the bulls enthrals thousands of tourists from around the globe who are looking for the adrenaline rush that running with the bulls gives. The bulls are kept in close places for the longest time before the race and are launched into the jeering, drunken crowd, generally using an electric shock prod. Screaming people run alongside the animals, grabbing and turning their tails, and shooting them with sticks and rolled-up newspapers. Later, they were stabbed to death in bullfighting arenas.


Shearing of the Beasts (La Rapa das Bestas), Spain cruel on Innocent and Voiceless Animals

In this 400-year-old Galician event, these animals (wild horses) are wrestled to the ground, after which men and women lunge at them, pulling their necks and tails in an attempt to fight them to the ground. One time the horses overcome, the fighters denominate them and shear their manes and tails.

What started as a way of checking if or not the horses are diseased came out being this terrible, brutal and heartless event. This festival just shows us the cruelty of humans over innocent & voiceless animals.


The inhabitants attach balls of combustible tar (or pitch) to the horns of terrified, restrained bulls. Later, the horns of beasts are put on fire, and the panicked bulls are either bonded to stakes in public squares. Bulls were sent out to run wildly through the streets and abandoned to burn for hours. The tar scorches their faces, eyes, and consistencies. Many reportedly smash walls in pain and blind anxiety. Later on, the participants carved up their carcasses for consumption among themselves. The inhabitants believe that engulfing the human body of the tortured animals confers fertility and invincibility.


Grindadráp, Faroe Islands cruel on Innocent and Voiceless Animals

Natives round up and slaughter families of whales at an annual festival on the Faroe Islands. The Grindadrap is suspected to date back as far as 1584. It is a method of whaling that drives whole pods of pilot whales concealed by boats and forced towards beaches, where their throats cut down. Afterwards, the locals eat the essence of the whale. Several movement committees have stressed that people stamp out the legal practice.


We don’t deserve to be humans. Please stop these inhumane fiestas. We are killing animals for food is another commodity. But slaughtering them for entertainment and traditions or in the public figure of God should not be carried out. We don’t even think of their pity circumstances. They cause to undergo just because they were born animals. Humans abuse or harass them because we believe that we are dominant. Nature prevails for everyone and not solely for humans. With great power comes great responsibility, after all. While we are the most powerful species on this planet, we are fighting to keep the ecological balance when it comes to being reliable. These festivals demonstrate the cruelty of humans over innocent and voiceless animals.


What can we do to save Innocent and Voiceless Animals?

The most powerful thing we can encourage to set a perimeter to these bloodstained sensations is never to pay attention to any of these circuses. Please share this information with your friends and family and motivate them not to yield attention to these cruel and pernicious carnivals.

Be a Vegan!

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Composed By: Abhay Ghanghas