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The Land of the Gods sounds heavenly but does not assure us that our holidays will be as relaxing as we daydream. Booking the wrong hotel can 100% make your trip go down south. Whether you book an inn, hotel, or even a resort, it all comes to one thing: Is that stay worth it? When you finally have some cash to expend on lavish resorts but your lack of experience plans to make fun of you? Don’t be that person on pins and needles and overthink where to stay. Just leave everything to us because we will make sure your boo gets the holiday they deserve and your money is spent, not wasted. So do not let the amateur in you impact the decision costing you bucks. Let the specialists inform you of the best offbeat resorts in Uttarakhand under 10K. Here we go:


Exploring Uttarakhand and not visiting Kausani should be considered a hate crime. But where are you planning to stay if you visit? Those shady guest houses where the lights do not work or the equally creepy hotels which do not pass the vibe check? This cottage-style resort is the only resort in Kausani that can make you bound to travel to Kausani again only for the resort. Ciao to the places where doctors are not accessible, wheelchairs? Not even a dream.

This cottage resort gives you all the amenities you can ask for for just a few thousand bucks. Enjoy bonfire nights, trek to Rudradhari falls and caves, and even a unique play area for children with Himalaya Darshan Resort. So this season, why not try one of the best offbeat resorts in Uttarakhand? The price ranges from INR 3,600/- to INR 7,800/- per room per night, depending upon the room.

Tip: Make sure to inform them of your expected arrival. If it falls during mealtime, the staff will be happy to prepare your meal. Your hunger will not be left unsatiated.

Things to do nearby: Rudradhari Falls and Caves, Trek to Pinnath, Baijnath Temple, Kausani Tea Estate, Sumitranandan Pant Museum, Stargate Observatory


When in Rome, do as Romans do“, you all must have heard it. Now it is time to implement it. While visiting Corbett, if you are not staying in Club Mahindra, why are you going there in the first place? It is out of the rulebook to stay in Club Mahindra in Corbett. Why? Swimming pool, playground for kids, conference halls for business meetings, laundry service, indoor and outdoor gaming area, open restaurant, BBQ, riverside candle-light dinner, spa, and much more! From a mini-fridge, coffee maker, and microwave in your room to quirky workshops, motor paragliding, and jungle tour on cycle, CM has everything! Therefore, it is one of the best offbeat resorts in Uttarakhand under 10K. For prices, kindly contact the resort directly for better deals.

Things to do nearby: Corbett Jungle Safari, Kosi river, Garjiya Devi Temple


Bonjour to the vacations or popping up to visit Ruskin Bond, the Queen of Hills, or Mansuri as the locals call it, will welcome you with all the love she has for you. But choosing a hotel will be havoc with all the options the town provides. Before worrying too much, leave the matter in the expert’s hands and make your Safar Nama perfect in every detail. Sterling has all the amenities and costs you so low that you would be shocked to see this luxury at this low price.

Free parking, spa for a relaxation day, fitness centre, doctor-on-call, activity centre for the friend’s group, children’s play area if you come with family, and so much more. The concierge is polite and will make sure to deal with any request. The elite and sober architecture of the resort is bound to make you fall in love with it. Book it as soon as possible for the best deals. The price ranges from INR 6,000/- to INR 12,000/- depending upon the room booked.

Tip: Genius Discount is available. Check the site to know more.

Things to do nearby: Cloud’s End, Company Garden, Library Bazar, Mussoorie Christ Church


If you are searching for a Valhalla or a writer’s heaven for inspiration, Lansdowne has to be on your list. And that is why we recommend the finest we have and take you to Blue Pine. The scenic beauty of the mountainous region of Lansdowne with a pristine, peaceful resort is a dream come true. Away from the city hustle and pollution is a resort that ensures your safety and promises every facility it offers in the utmost condition.

The resort offers a swimming pool, sports activities like snooker, table tennis, carrom, music and a bonfire for your leisure. If one says they are visiting the resort only for the food at Pelican restaurant, it can be considered 100% true. We had done the same and visited Blue Pine in Lansdowne for two consecutive years! Believe it or not! It is one of the best offbeat resorts in Uttarakhand. The price ranges from INR 4,000/- to INR 8,000/-, depending on the room.

Things to do nearby: Tip & Top Point, Bhulla Tal, Garhwali Museum, St. Mary Church


Seven kilometres away from Club Mahindra is a budget-friendly resort that is so much cheaper than Club Mahindra that it amazed us to another extent. Moreover, the resort is nearby the Corbett Cricket Stadium. Play cricket with your gang and enjoy a full day with your over-competitive spirit brushing up your skills. 

The Cricket Academy of the resort has a professional coach, umpire, facilitators, changing room, medicines, and other facilities. The owner of the resort belongs to Jainism. So Kunkhet Valley only serves vegetarian food. In the end, the resort is LGBTQIA friendly, so inform your queer friends to book it this Pride month. The price ranges from INR 6,000 to INR 15,000/-, and rates for children vary.

Things to do nearby: Kosi river, hiking, and cycling, Garjiyadevi Temple


Nestled in the hill station of Mussoorie is a resort worth your stay in this summer. The location is 03 kilometres away from Sterling, the experience? Just the same. The resort supplies a range of modern amenities to ensure a delightful and memorable holiday for you. A few mentions are Wellness Center, Aksa Spa, Recreation Zone comprising Pool Table and Air Hockey, and Adventure sports. Share your stay experiences with us at Travliv360 after your visit. The price range starts from INR 6,000/- per room per night.

Things to do nearby: Mall Road, Jharipani falls, Happy Valley


Pangot is the famous hill station village 13 kilometres away from Nainital. In Pangot, there is a hotel- Nature Drops that is every traveller’s dream come true. Are you looking for a hotel perfect in all aspects, from pricing to housekeeping to having almost no negative reviews by 300+ guests? And Pet Friendly so your Fluffy furball can finally have a Family Holiday with you? Please note that it is a strictly vegetarian hotel, and non-veg is not allowed. So talk with the owner regarding your pet’s meal before if they require a strict non-vegetarian diet. The place is not recommended for old blood as the path is a little crooked and perhaps a nuisance to the elderly. The price ranges from INR 2,000/- to INR 4,000/-, depending on the room. So for what you are waiting for, try out one of the best offbeat resorts in Uttarakhand.

Things to do nearby: Trek to China/Naina peak, Birdwatching


If you’re looking for a serene environment with the ultimate pocket-friendly stay, this lodge is just the one for you. Located amidst luxuriant flora with great mountainous views, Gopi Home Stay will give you a vibe matching your home. And say Sayonara to rude staff intruding on your privacy or being careless about your luggage as the staff here is extremely courteous and respectful of the guests. The lodging services offered are the dance floor for dance lovers, the gymnasium for the gym freaks, the bone fire, and many more. What are you waiting for now? Plan your vacation already! The price ranges from INR 500/- to INR 2,500/- per night for dormitories to super deluxe rooms.

Things to do nearby: Jim Corbett Park, Tatva Hills, Sitabani Tiger Reserve, Girija Devi Temple


With this, we end our article on the best offbeat resorts in Uttarakhand under 10K. Make sure to visit at least one of them and kindly share your experiences with us at Travliv360 or mail us at

Have a happy and safe journey!

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Story By: Shruti Tanwar

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