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Hey Guys! I hope all of you are doing well. Before, I share my travel story of Udaipur with you. I think you have already read one of my last travel stories of Manali. If not, then hit the link to know more about the Manali Travel Story. Now is the right time to share a new travel story of mine. There is a lot of planning and buzzing that has to be done before going to any destination, especially if it is your first solo trip. I am a person who loves to experience thrills and exaggerate my inner soul. Therefore, I want to hit a solo trip to Udaipur. Additionally, I faced several challenges, difficulties but the thrill of a solo trip took out the best of you. I got a chance to experience new things and meet strangers. Let us begin with a boom!


I did not know how it happened but, frankly speaking, I had not planned anything although it was the last moment decision. If you have read my previous blog, then you may be aware of how much I am fond of travelling. Travelling is just not a journey, but it is also a stress buster. Whenever constant prolonged stress makes me exhausted, the only option left for me to relax is Travelling. Moreover, nobody is there to assist me to have a trip. Therefore, I decided to go on a solo trip to Udaipur. 

I was hesitant to go on a solo trip, but the thrills inside me pushed me to hit it. Hence, I booked a Volvo Bus from Karol Bagh to Udaipur. I started my travel journey, but it was one of the horrible experiences of my life. Firstly, it was a solo trip. Moreover, it took me a long 15 hours drive to reach Udaipur. I was also frustrated during the journey. Although there is a saying, nothing comes without effort, or when going gets tough, the tough get going. I was feeling the same when I reached Udaipur.


Before stepping down in Udaipur, it was so beautiful and famously known as the city of Lakes. I love to hit mountains rather than beaches and lakes. Moreover, I never thought of planning a solo trip to Udaipur. I always prefer to hit the hilly areas whenever I think of travelling. Although, after reaching the outskirts of Udaipur, I felt that sometimes we should have a different experience. I assure you that Udaipur will give you one of the best experiences of your life. Udaipur was beyond my imagination that the city depicts to you this kind of panoramic beauty.

Finally, I reached Reti Bus Stand in Udaipur and had already booked my hotel, The Fern Residency, Udaipur. I had an auto to arrive at my hotel and checked in my room. I have advice for all my readers: if you are tight on your budget, then do not spend so much money on your stays and I do also believe the same. Therefore I had also preferred to book a budgeted hotel.


After refreshing myself, I was ready to explore the City of Lakes. Do you have any ideas? Why is it called the City of Lakes? It is because of all the lakes like Pichola Lake, Fateh Sagar Lake and many more. There are numerous places to explore in Udaipur, like Fateh Sagar Lake, Gulab Bagh, Lake Pichola, City Palace of Udaipur, Vintage Collection of Classic Car Museum, Karni Mata Mandir, Saheliyon-Ki- Bari, Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal, Sukhadia Circle Fountain and many more.


Udaipur is an amalgam of nature and cultural sites which beautifully demonstrate Indian heritage. It was also a challenge for me to cover all the places in the next two days. Thank God! There are rental bike services available in the city. I hired a scooter to explore these beautiful places by paying just INR 1500 for security and INR 300 Per Day Charges for rental. It was the cheapest option for me to explore the city rather than hiring a cab. I hope you do remember I believe in budget trips rather than luxury trips.


If you are a food lover, then Sukhadia Circle is the perfect place for you in Udaipur. There is numerous street food available at reasonable rates in that circle. Even though I had a Pav Bhaji and a Glass of Lassi and the taste was so yum. I could not describe it in words. Moreover, I am a die-hard fan of Street Food. If you want to explore the locality, you should prefer street food rather than branded outlets like McDonald’s, Dominos and many more. 


If you are photogenic, then Fateh Sagar Lake will be the perfect place for you in Udaipur. There are numerous photoshoot spots, and it is one of the favourite spots on my bucket list. Being photogenic, how could I miss a chance to click the memories of this solo trip. One more thing, this place was just not for the photogenic people but also naturalists. It was the best place to observe the beauty of nature with rich flora and fauna. I felt I would have been in heaven for a while. 


If you are a zoophilist, then Gulab Bagh is the perfect place for you. Gulab Bagh, also famously known as the Udaipur Zoo, is spread over 100 acres of area. It is a must-visit place for flora and fauna lovers due to its most extensive garden found in Udaipur. Gulab Bagh has a wide array of spots which are essential aspects of a stunning garden and aesthetically pleasing nature. These exclusive sights are worth cherishing and promising to you. Kindly note a few things before visiting this place.


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The most popular place of Udaipur is Saheliyon-Ki-Bari and also known as the Garden of Maidens. It is one such marvel of nature created by man for a woman. If we talk about the status of women in Indian history, women find little or no significant place, but things are different when we turn to the history of the Mewar Kingdom of Udaipur. Saheliyon Ki Bari is one of the rare spots in the history of India, where a particular place is only built for women. Kindly note a few things before visiting this place.

Timings: 0900 Hrs. to 1900 Hrs. every day

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The list is too long to elaborate on all the places here, but I tried to explain a few places. I hope now you have a rough idea about all those places and I recommend you. You must go to Udaipur once in your life to know better about them. Moreover, Udaipur is one of the best places in India to have a solo trip.


I did not have any plans after roaming the whole day in Udaipur yesterday. Now, I was again in a challenge, what would be going on next? I was scrolling down over the internet while having my breakfast. I got an idea why I should not cover Kumbhalgarh and Ranakpur together. It was a challenge for being on a solo trip to explore both places together. After having my breakfast, I decided to leave for the exploration of  Kumbhalgarh.


Do you have any ideas? Why is Kumbhalgarh famous? You must be aware of the Great Wall of China. Kumbhalgarh is also home to the second-largest wall in the world. I was also surprised when I heard about this gem that something like is there in Incredible India. The Kumbhalgarh Fort is also the enormous cultural heritage of Rajasthan that is also part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It was almost a two-hour drive to reach Kumbhalgarh from Udaipur. Getting there was half the fun and involved a drive through the Aravalli Hills that skirt the area. Kumbhalgarh Fort was worth visiting and more promising when I was there. Now it’s time to leave this beautiful place.


In the afternoon, I had to leave for Ranakpur. It would be a more than hour drive from Kumbhalgarh to Ranakpur through the desertic region. Ranakpur is known for its stunning 15th-century Jain Temple. The magnificent complex comprises numerous smaller temples built primarily of intricately carved marble and pillars. I had made my choice to be in Ranakpur. If you are short on time and have to return to Udaipur by evening, skip Ranakpur and instead stop on the way back from Kumbhalgarh at Eklingji. It is a temple town with 108 temples of varying sizes, most devoted to Lord Shiva. 

I was on a solo trip and had only three days in Udaipur. So I did not have any other option than to visit both places on the same day. Moreover, being a traveller, I know how to make an effective itinerary to explore the most. However, if you are planning a relaxing trip, then I advise you to spend a minimum of three nights in Udaipur. There are numerous places in and surrounding Udaipur like Chittorgarh, Haldi Ghati and many more. I was able to cover several famous attractions but a lot to discover in Udaipur.


On the last day, I covered Kumbhalgarh and Ranakpur. I was feeling a little bit tired, but I had to visit one of my friends who is living in Udaipur. Do you remember? In my previous Manali Travel Story, I met a few college students there. I got a chance to meet him after a long time. After having my breakfast, I left to visit my friend Place. He picked me up from my stay and went on a long drive. We were talking like we met a few days before. I was with him only for the whole day. After having a good time, we left for his home. Now, I do not have anything special to tell you more about. It was my last day in Udaipur and had to leave the next day.


It was the first solo trip in my life. I have never experienced it before, and there is a lot to discover inside me. It was a wonderful experience. I will prefer more solo trips rather than family or friends trips in the future. I got to know more about myself and enjoyed this solo trip more than my previous trips. Now it’s time to get back to my home town with so many memories and photographs. I took my bus from Reti Stand, and literally, it was tough to leave Udaipur. 

It was a wonderful experience to be in Udaipur for the last three days. The people of Rajasthan always welcome and greets you with their open hands. When I was there in the local market, I felt that I was in my hometown market. They treated me like their daughter and also suggested the best thing for my family. If you are in Udaipur, then you must try the famous Rajasthani Pyaaz Kachori. It was the best moment of life to have Rajasthani Pyaaz Kachori. Even so, I ask my friend who has been in Rajasthan to fetch some Kachori for me. In the end, it was an experience I had never before and a lot to know about myself.

Thanks for Reading!!!

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Story By: Bindiya Arora

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