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Mysterious Places

The building blocks of magical nature are the mysteries that swirl around. These make it authentic and something out of the reach of human minds. India is a land of rich & vivid history and culture, fits right into the box for sheltering a long list of her share of mysteries. Travliv360 compiles some of our favourite locations to quench your thirst for adventurous travels to mysterious places that can blow your mind. So, let’s get started!


The Pink City is home to an assortment of castles and palaces, but Jal Mahal stands out different due to its remarkable structure with a hidden story. It is situated in the middle of Man Sagar Lake. In 1699, The King built it as a hunting lodge for ducks. Although, the King of Amer constructed a dam between the surrounding hills when the depression around the palace submerged it. Due to this, only the top floor is visible, along with some plant life to charm the viewers.

This palace is an amalgam of the Rajput style of architecture and the Mughal architecture and was built from red sandstone, its beauty marvellously gleaming throughout the days. Despite what sets it apart, its initial four stories stay submerged beneath the water, out of sight. There is some otherworldly eeriness that once tall standing palace is out of reach under the darkness of the water.


Once belonging to the Peshwas, all that remains today of this fort are haunting ruins. In 1828, during the struggle against the Britishers, this fort caught fire, raged and rioted for seven days to leave behind the foundations and the gateways that survived and killed many. Although, this is not the part that makes this place so mysterious, but rather an incident that took place in 1773 that make it one of the mysterious places that can blow your mind. 

The cunning relative used his tactics to kill his nephew for being a king with the aid of Gardis Tribe. After murdering the emperor, they chopped and tossed his body into the nearby river. Many legends surround the fort, including that the spirit of the King still inhabits this fort, seeking shelter and safety. The locals have claimed to hear screeches and screams of Kaka Mala Vachava that translates to ‘Uncle, save me. Many also believe that the ones who were caught in the fire haunt the place. The Indian Government prohibits entry into the fort after 6.30 PM due to its frightening nature.


Everyone is aware of Bermuda Triangle. Do you know about Delhi’s Bermuda Triangle, Khooni Nadi or The Bloody River? It is infamous for drowning people in its shallow waters. Despite the water being shallow, as compared to other rivers, it still manages to swallow people within. None has been able to find or recover the bodies of the swallowed ones even after long searches. Locals believe the cause for such disappearances is a supernatural element that attracts people. Many even claim to hear the cries of those who had fallen in the river at night. The river is one of the mysterious places to hang out after the dark.


This Shettihalli Church was built a few hundred years ago. Hence, people evacuated and abandoned it due to the construction of Hemavati Dam and Reservoir. It has magnificent gothic architecture that never fails to charm tourists. You can infer its relation to water. While monsoon, the water submerges the church, drawing the attention of the masses. Therefore, it is famous as The Submerged Church or The Floating Church. Believe it or not! The structure bears no damage, but it has grown more beautiful. It is indeed a place for photographers who like stargazing. The sky provides an immaculate view of the constellations and the tiny twinkling stars that are awe-striking.


The Vittala Temple is yet another proud example of splendid architecture from the history of India. It holds a position in this list due to the phenomenal collection of 56 pillars of the Ranga Mantapa. These pillars produce the music notes Sa Re Ga Ma when tapped gently. The music is a matter of fascination to many for, no one could determine what caused such a phenomenon. Don’t you feel like it is a mysterious place that can blow your mind?

Even the curious Britishers tried to find out such an occurrence by cutting two pillars in half. The results were hollow pillars of granite that did not provide anything for their spell-binding behaviour. The central pillar supports the ceiling that serves the musical purpose, and seven minor pillars surround it to produce the seven musical notes. These pillars imitate a specific instrument. That is what the kind of notes depends on.


Created by a meteorite collision, the lake is one of its kind with both alkaline and saline nature. It is the only hyper-velocity impact crater in basaltic rock in India and one of the four in the world. Multiple ancient scriptures have mentioned Lonar being part of many dynasties, due to which the locals built many temples in its periphery. If you are religious, these are the destinations to know more about the mysteries of this lake. Hanuman temple is there that lies its fragment called Ambar Lake. The people believe that the idol or the murti is highly magnetic and is a wonder of its own. Many organisms are rarely found elsewhere but reside in the depths of this lake due to their unique nature. The lake is a treat for biology lovers and one of the mysterious places that can blow your mind.


In the marshy forests of West Bengal, many have reported seeing tiny orbs of light that confuse and put the fishermen in a daze. The fishermen follow these lights just to have lost their way. Many even lose their lives when coming across these lights. Legend says that these orbs of lights belong to the fishermen who died in the marshlands and have turned into an evil spirit that lures others to death too as a form of revenge. Although, many claims to have encountered the orbs that help them and are the good ones. Nevertheless, these lights are the mystery of the marshlands that leave one queasy. Therefore it comes to the list of mysterious places that can blow your mind.


The small town of Shivapur has a 200kg stone that eleven people can lift with their index fingers while chanting the name, Qamar Ali belonging to a Sufi Saint renowned for his miracles. It is a splendid cause of mystery because no man can pick up the stone alone. However, the index fingers of eleven people do not lift them but also levitate them. It is something science could not explain it no matter how. 

That wraps up the list of the mysterious places in India you can pursue to brim your heart with joy and thrill. 

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Story By: Aarchi Patel

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