The ruling government has failed India in its hour of need in both the aspects of economy and masses. India goes for a free fall due to COVID and lockdown. Insensitivity would be too soft a word to describe the ruling government’s shameful handling of the crisis. It is time for plain speaking. Another day of yet another peak of COVID-positive cases. The slew of reports around the situation of migrant workers on the roads and inside trucks. The Finance Minister of India, Nirmala Sitharaman is bulldozing her way through hard questions about the economy that can no longer set aside. Two months into this unprecedented health and economic crisis. It is time to evaluate the response of the ruling Government to this calamity. (use simple language )

Who to blame here: The Ruling Government or The People?

Who to blame here: The Ruling Government or The People?

Let us not be unfair to the government. I had supported the ruling government when they first announced the lockdown while noting that their preparation, timing, and communication left much to be desired for. The ruling government was certain when a hard call had to be recalled. Indecision or further delay could have landed us in a worse state than we are. In review, we now know that our response was already delayed. Although, it would be unfair to indict the government on that base. Global knowledge and awareness at that time did not justify such a response. On balance, we reacted faster than most other countries. 

It would also be unfair to blame the ruling government for all the mess that we confront today. Even in the best of situations, a largely unanticipated pandemic is bound to create havoc. It is bound to be worse in a country like India, affected over the weak public health fundamentals and fragile response systems. An indictment of the ruling government must be careful about setting itself to what could have been anticipated. What could have been achieved in our conditions? And it must allow room for genuine mistakes. Faced with a crisis of this kind, the best of leaders with the purest intentions will make inaccurate calls. They must be picked apart. Although, it did not indict for bona fide errors of legal thought. 

Sadly, even after making all these allowances. It is tough to escape the conclusion that the ruling government has failed India in its hour of need. The authority has been clueless about controlling the health crisis, incompetent in handling its economic consequence, and insensitive in dealing with the humanitarian crisis.

A Failed Health System

Let us begin with the health crisis. We must not blame the ruling regime for early decisions in pandemic management. We cannot accuse the authority misjudging on the side of precaution because they heard (as all global leaders did) conflicting forecasts about the onward motion of the pandemic. Yet, we must ask some questions nevertheless:

A Failed Health System

  • Why did the government not listen to alternative opinions about more testing at an early stage? 
  • Why did the Prime Minister not try to learn from and replicate the Kerala model? 
  • Did he allow political rivalry to trump national interest? 
  • Why did he not come down massively against his followers and try to communalize the pandemic? 

Once it became clear that the lockdown was not breaking the chain or flattening the curvature.

  • Why did he persist with the lockdown as the sole remedy? 
  • Did he leave his ego and self-image to trump rational course correction? 
  • Why is there no senior functionary (not even a minister, let alone the head of the government, as is the norm in many countries) responding to the questions of the media on the pandemic?
  • What is your strategy for future growth? 
  • Is there something that the government wishes to hide?

All these queries do not admit of easy solutions. Although, leaving the country with the imprint of a government that it is lost. Even we do not know how to take it or ask for help.

The Ruling Government Misplaced Economic Preferences

On the economic front, let us put aside the monetary constraints that the government faces at this moment. Even though it is the ruling government responsible for this situation due to inappropriate refusal for corporate and inflation of revenue projections. The economy is not performing as well as the growth rate has been reduced significantly. It is when the Government had a tinkered calculation methodology to build an improved presentation of GDP before the widespread of COVID 19. We can understand that, but what about the Quarter 1 GDP report of 2020 which shows the growth rate of -23.9%. If we compare it to other GDP reports of countries. We are the worst affected country due to COVID 19 (ACT of GOD) in terms of economy. How will the ruling government explain this? However, we must ask the question which arises to the ruling government:

The Ruling Government Misplaced Economic Preferences

  • Why has the ruling government not done anything to stimulate demand (despite pleas from every economist who matters)?
  • Why the continuous pumping of liquidity, although banks have failed to use the extra liquidity made available in March? 
  • I want to ask the ruling government, Why use this crisis to push through several policy changes on labour law, agriculture, environment, and investment that have nothing to do with the cause or the solution to the current crisis? 
  • Why has the government not addressed what the industrialists, businessmen, farmers, and labourers were asking? 
  • Why has the government not attempted to raise additional revenue (despite many sensible suggestions) to meet this crisis? 
  • Is there anything wrong that’s why is the authority not sharing the real economic situation in the country? 
  • Why dress up the PACKAGES that too in such amateurish ways, to somehow match the magical 20-lakh crore figure?

Goods & Services Tax (GST)

The welfare of private players & companies like Subway pre-planned and raised manufacturing prices. The government did not keep the tab as promised. A common man is badly ripped off. The question comes up in front of the central government:

  • Why is the central government not providing GST funds to state governments? 
  • Why are they not compensating for the funds as they promised? 
  • Is this a way of the Finance Minister just replying it is an ACT of GOD by just ignoring the questions related to financial issues?

Unemployed People

Unemployed People

Jobs have been a massive failure of this Government. The ruling Government promised two Crores jobs per year, but the economy was barely able to generate a few Lakhs jobs. In this Pandemic, More than 8 Crores people are dismissed from their jobs. On the contrary, the government is asking for taxes. If they respond, I do not have money to pay your taxes due to an ACT of GOD just like the best Finance Minister. The government has money to provide Y+ security to Kangna Ranaut but not to secure the employment of youth. However, we must ask the question which arises to the ruling government:

  • How is the government utilizing this hard-earned money of taxpayers? 
  • Is this a way of deflecting towards insignificant topics? 
  • Do they have any plans to employ these 8 Crores, unemployed people? 
  • Will they transfer money to confirm food security for these people for their whole life?

These questions lead us to a sad answer: A bunch of too-clever-by-half, economists, and packaged by ignorant and arrogant political leaders determine the economic response of the fifth-largest economy facing its worst recession and joblessness. The ruling Government is trying to save themselves and their wealthy friends rather than pushing the economy of the nation.

Escalation of Tensions at LAC

Escalation of Tensions at LAC

Although many experts marked it very well in their statements sometimes that if there happens any disturbance of relations with China, it would be in Arunachal Pradesh but the calculation has turned out to be wrong. The discussion of the SCO foreign ministers meet took place at Moscow, Russia on the 4 months-long standoffs with China in the Chusul sector in Ladakh & Galwan valley. The martyr of 20 Indian Army soldiers in Galwan valley clash with Public Liberation Army in June. The ruling party’s blurry ambitions didn’t let this fetch wider limelight, neither it was broadcasted on media in the way it could’ve been while the petty issues were being introduced. Prime Minister stated everything was fine & there is no place for worries.

A few strategic affairs experts of India condemn the treatment of PLA soldiers as China didn’t publicize the fate of their soldiers during the clash, nor did China reveal the casualties. The state must promulgate & deliver full honour to the sacrifices made by soldiers in any situation. Although, on the same note, the intensity of situations was downplayed by the government. It was really not an ordinary clash as. This was the Ist time the shots were fired at LAC for the last 45 years.

What Can We Do?

The ruling government is just busy talking with delegates of China. Even though, we do not come to any conclusion as they have been taking advantage of our modesty as Pakistan always does before the surgical strikes. Our ruling government is trying to create diplomatic pressure on China but failed to do so. Due to the dependence of our import trade with China is more than 60%.

We are the people of India who have to decide whether we should buy Indian Products or Chinese Products. We should boycott Chinese goods and services. It will certainly make a difference and remember it takes time. The government just banned a few of Chinese Apps like TikTok & PUBG. It has not taken any hard call over Chinese Escalation. Chinese Communist Party does not plan anything on the terms of five-year elections as they focus far beyond our thinking. They are playing the next level game and we are just happy with the ban on some apps.

Humanitarian Crisis

Humanitarian Crisis

Lastly, let us turn to the ruling government’s handling of the humanitarian crisis made visible by the migrant workers who have taken to the streets. Once more, let us grant that given our size and deep inequalities, some degree of distress was inevitable. Nevertheless, we should ask:

  • Did the government even try to anticipate this distress and plan to alleviate it when announcing the lockdown? 
  • Why did the government surprise from the scale of the problem of the migrants (eight crores, as Sitharaman admitted in her press conference)?
  • Why were there no special arrangements for the food and income of the stranded workers for the first 50 days of the lockdown? 
  • What else did the government expect jobless, food-less, and hopeless workers to do, except walking back? 
  • Why do we not get such a report of this kind from any other country in the world, even African countries much poorer than us? 
  • And once the government discovered, within the first week of the lockdown, the plight of the migrant workers. What did it do to address the crisis, except law and order advisories? 
  • Why was the decision to start Shramik trains delayed so much and taken when it was riskier? 
  • Why the insistence on the fares for distress evacuation? 
  • I want to ask, Why did it take the Ministry of Home Affairs six weeks to issue a simple advisory about humanitarian support to the migrants on the road?

How did students react to the head of the ruling government Mann Ki Baat?

How did students react to the head of the ruling government Mann Ki Baat?

The reaction of people on Prime Minister Mann Ki Baat. According to the statistics of YouTube, 38,000 liked it on Prime Minister Modi’s own YouTube channel, while the 94,000 people disliked it. 3,900 people liked it whereas 9,900 people disliked it on the PIB YouTube channel. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is very popular in political programs like social media and YouTube. Here his party is also a good bully of BJP after, which getting millions of dislikes is nothing short of a jar. The users have not only pressed the button of dislike but also strike out at the Bhartiya Janta Party and Prime Minister Modi.

Who and Why Did it?

Most were furious about the NEET-JEE examination, which is being conducted during a pandemic and flood. A user has written that we wanted to talk on NEET and JEE exams, but you are talking about toys. The other user wrote: I thought you support students, but I was wrong. You only prefer your Prime Minister’s chair, you have disappointed me very much and now I will never vote for BJP and not even my family. Another user wrote that Respected Prime Minister Modi, should have called for tougher measures against unemployment. Subsequently all, this is the biggest problem of India.

Who and Why Did it?

On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the countrymen for festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi and Onam in the Mann Ki Baat program. He appealed people to be vocal for local toys. Although, the audience drew Prime Minister Modi’s attention to significant issues through dislikes and comments. Among them, there was a pile of resentment over issues like the worsening condition of farmers, increasing unemployment, a collapsed economy, and recently JEE-NEET examination in the Coronavirus period.

Author’s Opinion over the Ruling Government

I am not a follower of any political party. I am just a middle-class citizen who wishes to have better governance in our country and better living conditions. The government should face the crisis and assist people, farmers, MSME industries through financial support. They have trusted you the second time and the ruling government is just ignoring their issues. It is high time to pull up your socks. The day will not be far away when you will be thrown out of the majority in the parliament.

India is a democracy. According to Abraham Lincoln (USA 16th President), Democracy is the government of, by, and for the people, which means People are superior. Although, this government is trying to make it a dictatorship. We are free to express our views and ask the government questions as much as we can. The government is answerable to every question which is asked by students, farmers, jobless aspirants, women, industrialists, and every citizen of India.


This blog was throwing you a few glimpses of the ruling government. Insensitive would be too soft a word to characterize this shameful handling of the worst national-level humanitarian crisis. To call the Modi government heartless displays credulity. As India goes for a free fall, the top political functionaries focus on political intrigue, blame-game, and public relations. Undoubtedly the cruellest government is responsible for the worst health, economic, and humanitarian crisis of India. You may call it is the most incompetent ruling government. 

Sab ka Sath Sab ka Vikas had stayed on a slogan only. At that point, it had been widespread discontent in most universities. Although, since with the change of Minister, things have not changed for the betterment of the people. The above slogan meant only for those in power and their followers.

Thanks for Reading!!!

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Composed By: Abhay Ghanghas


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