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For anyone who is a traveller, exploring new places and experiencing new adventures can be thrilling and intriguing. Yay or Nah? Well, I am pretty sure it is always Yayyy!!! The excitement of meeting new people, living in a different culture and eating traditional food is a never-ending experience and always inspired by travel. From the moment your feet hit the Aisle or Jetway, you want to soak up all the experiences awaiting your journey, right at that moment only. Ha-ha! Correct me if I am wrong. But what happens when you get stuck or are unable to plan a vacation for any reason? Are you still inspired about travel, but stuck at home? Don’t worry, Travliv360 introduces you to a new trend on Travel from Home. When you can work from home, you can Travel from Home too. 

Does this happen to you too? When you can’t travel or can’t do something about your stuck mind. It must have happened at least once. It’s a human tendency. Now, the question arises here, how to Travel from Home or stay inspired about travelling or exploring different places when you are stuck around? So, sit tight and let us dig more into this new trend of Travel from Home.


There are incidences, like an ongoing Covid pandemic, when you get stuck at home for a long haul and crave some exposure. Then comes our favourite platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and many other OTT platforms that help us by providing endless ways of entertainment. Here, you can find many TV series and movies of almost every genre and in many languages. One of the fantastic travel shows is Travels with My Father. This show follows Jack Whitehall as he explores various parts of the planet together with his elderly father. 

Other top shows are Frozen Planet, Departures & Dark Tourist. There are few Bollywood movies too, which will inspire you to travel. One of my favourite movies is Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. It is a story of three best friends who decide to go on a road trip to Spain. There, they experience almost everything that Spain has to offer. This movie is an evergreen movie. No matter how many times you watch it, I am sure you will find it interesting and full of entertainment, every single time. Unfortunately, not all shows and movies are available in every region, but you can have a glance and see what more is there for you. Another inspiring streaming option depends on regional availability, the BBC iPlayer has shows like Sacred Wonders, Earth’s Tropical Islands and many more. This way you can enjoy Travel from Home when stuck.


Luckily, with the growing technology, you do not have to visit any destination in person to experience a travel destination and attraction. You can now find many such things as virtual tours and experiences online. You can have a taste of the destination you wish to go to without sacrificing the comfort of your bed and pyjamas. From 360o virtual tours through Museums to live, experience and virtual guides, you can have all served on your plate all at once. You can check out our blog on the POPULAR MUSEUMS IN DELHI and have a hint of how beautiful these museums are. 


Are you fond of reading books and magazines? If yes, then many materials are available to read and enjoy the destinations you wish to go to in your own imaginary way. Well, imagining the scenes in your head, which you are reading, comes out to be more beautiful than reality. Isn’t it? You will be able to understand this feeling if you are fond of reading. For me, books and magazines have been a great support, especially during the global pandemic. A couple of our favourite books include Eat, Pray, Love by Eliza Gilbert, Without Reservations: The Travels of an Independent Woman by Alice Steinbach and The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo. National Geographic is one of the most fantastic travel companies and publishes several magazines like Traveller and Food Editions. In this way, just like us, you will stay inspired about travel from home whenever you are stuck around. 


As we all know, YouTube has been an excellent source for gaining knowledge or for watching different videos in our leisure time. If you are a true traveller, then nothing can stop you from being inspired about travel. You still can feed your travel wanderlust via YouTube. Isn’t it amazing how YouTube can help you feed your wanderlust? Well, my friends, there are a few inspiring YouTubers who are passionate about uniquely exploring different places. We found some YouTubers who are the best, and our favourites are MikeVisuals, Salzburg County and How far from home. When you go to their page, you will find videos that discover everything from cities, adventure travel and lifestyle. These videos are wholesome to keep you motivated to travel and explore places.


Nowadays, Instagram is a way for many people to follow their passion and show their talent to a large audience. When you explore the options available on Instagram, you can find many beautiful photos and reels of incredible places in the world. You will come across photographers who concentrate on cities, landscapes, adventure, lifestyle, food and many other sorts of things. Instagram is full of travel photographers who share beautiful pictures of places all around the world.

If you are eager and passionate about improving your travel photography, then Instagram can come in handy for you and is often highly inspiring. It is the best platform to start and ascertain the type of images you may want to create. Instagram can also provide you with accounts known as hubs or feature accounts that collate user-generated content and then repost it into their account. One can do this only when the content maker allows users to repost their content on another account. 


Being a blogger, I will definitely recommend this way to remain inspired about travel. Ha-ha! Without compromising any comfort, reading blogs is an incredible idea for keeping your wanderlust juices flowing and travelling to several places around the world in your imaginary world. Travliv360 has many personal TRAVEL STORIES that can help you explore India in a fun way. Alongside seeing the beautiful pictures attached to it may help you connect with the story more. We hope you will have a great experience exploring India through our blogs. 


I love to solve travel puzzles and quizzes. Hardly, there is any quiz that I have not tried solving that pops up on my FACEBOOK FEED. An incredible way to remain inspired about travel can be by solving quizzes related to travel. Riddles and quizzes can be of different places in different countries, multiple cuisine foods available all around the globe and so on. This way, you will be able to test your knowledge and gain some at the same time. You never know how these quizzes and puzzles may help you to decide your next destination for a vacation.


If you are a person who loves to collect memories in a hard form, i.e., the photographs, then I am sure you have a box labelled as “ Travel Memories”. In that box, you might have pictures of the places you have visited or still wanna visit. But don’t you think that we can use these photographs in another way? Get going, my friend. Clear off the big table, take out that box and start making a travel scrapbook. Write the memory which you have related to the photographs of the places you have already visited. Believe it or not! It is one of the best feelings to reminisce about the crazy memories you have created. 

Paste the pictures of the places yet to be visited and plan your next trip to the destination you have, for so long, wanted to explore. 


Last but not least! To stay curious about travel is to recall the previous trips that you have had. Be it that fantastic beach you once laid on or the sensation you had after hiking to the top of a mountain and being presented with breathtaking views. These are all things that will get you excited about future trips you would possibly have. Looking back through all of your old photos and videos will help you with this. You may even stumble across a picture or video that you have not seen for a long time. If it is a funny photo or video, then it can bring happiness to the present too. You might get a chance to pull the leg of your friend. And who doesn’t love to tease their friends and family? Ha-ha!  

And there you have it! Few ways to stay inspired about travel and explore while being stuck at home or work!! 

Thanks for Reading!!!

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Composed By: Aarushi Jain

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