As per today’s scenario, English is one of the prominent soft skills for humans. It is one of the most spoken languages in the world. India is the nation that consists of the largest population speaking English after the United States of America. It has become a mandatory, subject to study in schools and colleges. Unfortunately, there are masses who cannot speak English fluently due to improper knowledge and unfavorable environments. Therefore, travliv360 presents you, How to improve your spoken English?

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In India, it was recognized as a foreign language because it was conveyed by the Britishers who enslaved us for more than 200 years. People were compelled to learn this language in order to earn their bread and butter. That is quite a long story so coming back to our main motive, “How to improve our spoken English?


Before that, we should consider some facts about this language, such as it is an inappropriate language to realize when we compare it to other languages like Sanskrit, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil and so many. At that point, it is more the exception than Chemistry in the grammar of English for example, I am singular in past sentences, only plural in present sentences. It is one of the funniest languages also.

There are two variants of English. One of them is British and another one is American. American is based on slang language, they speak whatever comes on their tongue in their style while British mainly focuses on Latin or traditional style affiliated towards grammar rules.


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There are many ways to improve this skill, but we will consider five prominent ways to understand it. Let us talk about ways. If we want to understand the concept of spoken English we should know how to read, write, listen, and last but not least how to speak this language. There are four major actions that make us fluent speakers. The first two steps are basic ones which we have learned since our childhood like reading and writing. Then arrives the third step where we need to be a good listeners. We should listen to western music, should watch Hollywood movies, should witness interviews and ted talks too. We should focus meticulously on their oratory skills and their pronunciation. The fourth step is to utilize phrases in our everyday life. It will enrich our oratory skills and one can act like soliloquy to improve more.


If one receives an opportunity to extempore. One should have comprehensive knowledge and confidence while addressing. They are equally commensurate with each other. You should read newspapers, novels, and books to enhance your knowledge and in proclamation to build confidence. One should begin talking to themselves or start speaking in front of mirrors.


Let us now talk about Vocabulary, Idioms, and Phrases. They facilitate us to maintain proper command of the language. They enhance our oratory skills. We can easily frame short sentences and can explicate them in a better way rather than making long and confusing sentences.  It is a little bit time consuming and a rigmarole process, but it induces an effective way of speaking English.



One should definitely enhance the fundamental principle of grammar to improve spoken English. One should frame sentences correctly and you will certainly come to know how to speak and how to use and where to use particular words. Reading is also failing to help in this context. One should not try to mug up a parliamentary procedure to learn grammar. 


Last but not the least, one requires a favorable environment to improve the English language. It is high time to turn on our soft skills. One should try to establish networks and should try to speak more about the English language with their family, friends, and relatives. If one desires to be a good orator, one needs to put constant efforts and should never hesitate to take help from others to learn the basics of the English language. One should never let themselves down, they should keep that fire in themselves. You have to be a humble person to take command over oratory skills.

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Composed By: Abhay Ghanghas

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