Hey Guys!!! My name is Bindiya Arora. I hope you remember me or not. No! You may not have read my last blog, AN UNLOCK TRIP TO MANALI. Go and Check it Out! I thought of travelling, but due to COVID-19 Pandemic, I can not travel anywhere. So, I come here with HOW DOES TRAVELLING MAKE YOUR LIFE POSITIVE? Travelling is not only a journey, but it is a feeling, which is incredible for so many things. Do you know? Travelling can increase mental well-being and not just in the short term. Whether you are travelling for business, on a week family vacation, or have sold everything to pursue a life on the road. Travelling fill a person with positivity by providing endless experiences and memories, breaking daily robotic routines, building self-confidence, and allowing you to meet people from all over the world.


I talk about myself travelling makes me feel happy as it adds new insights to my experiences and especially when I challenge my limitations. Travel is the perfect catalyst for a positive life because travelling allows us to experience nature as well as the artificial wonders of the world. Travel also continuously drives you to step out of your comfort zone – a great confidence-builder. In my books, travelling is the best school where I have learned so much about the world and, most importantly, about myself.

There always comes a time when everyone must have handled an unexpected situation whenever you are on the road. You plan your trip to the letter where things can take a surprise turn. Whatever happens, there is always a way around the problem and knowing that you can handle these situations boosts your self-confidence and happiness. The next time when you find yourself heading out on a shopping walk to lift your mood. Why do you not put that money towards a trip instead? Therefore, Travliv360 presents to you the several ways in which travelling makes your life positive.


Happiness can infect anyone and makes the environment pleasant. Therefore, when locals are happy, smiling and friendly, it has an immediate knock-on effect on tourism. I travelled to so many incredible destinations in India. I even found the people to be notably pleasant and cheerful, no matter the relative poorness of these. When confronted with those big beaming smiles, it is hard to be annoyed at the hassling you might experience at busy sites like settling that knee-jerk irritation to one side spontaneously lifts your mood and is a great habit to take home.


As rightly said, “DISTANCE GIVES US A REASON TO LOVE MORE “. Hence, sometimes being away from things we often take for granted, such as family, friends, relatives, and home – makes us appreciate them more as usual. Calling home is not a chore, but await: no one enjoys listening to your travel stories more than your parents. Yeah! Exactly, whenever I was going on vacations, I felt so much relaxed. Although, I miss my family too because you can achieve anything with money but never found love for the family. Therefore, it is the perfect excuse to be lyrical about whatever place with which you had just fallen in love.


It is much easier to make new friends while travelling than at home. People are less likely to chat with strangers on the bus or in bars in their hometowns. For people who are away from home, there seem to be fewer boundaries to cross. Making new friends becomes much easy. Whether the native is curious about where you come from or a fellow traveller who wants someone to have a beer or share a taxi with him.

You can take my example; I love to make many friends on my vacations, and talking with strangers and knowing about their culture and lifestyle is always appreciated. I want to be in touch with them after my trip is over and feel happy when I expand my social circle. The more we talk, the more we meet different and interesting people, which means that we can learn more about the people, their culture, rich heritage and tradition and even one more step closer towards knowing our beautiful country India.


We are aware that people use social media for both good and bad, but everyone needs a break from the internet once in a while to live a healthy lifestyle. We are so obsessed with the internet that it is hard to turn it off. You can quite find yourself tuning out whatever incredible place you are with your face on your phone, checking Twitter and Instagram, scrolling Facebook feed, checking your email inbox. Stop! Turn it Off, Better yet! One should discover a place with no reception and no Wi-Fi so that you have social media detox. Exactly whenever we are on holiday, we should feel natural rather than using social media. It is liberating and allows you to enjoy the here and now better, which nicely ties into the following point.


Travelling gives us a breathing space that has been lost in our everyday chores. If you want to have a moment to make peace and allow yourself to let go of stress and tension, enjoy being in the moment, focus on meditation, and enjoy the uniqueness of that particular place. Whenever we were on vacation at that time, we do our best to change ourselves. At that time, we had no work to do and wanted to spend time with our loved ones or alone.

Ultimately, travel results in you knowing yourself better. Even when I am on vacation, no matter where I am, I always spend my time with me only and my love once. I always booked a Balcony facing a room and sat on the balcony with my tea and felt myself. Travelling with a partner is always an opportunity to spend time, stay together, try something new and it even helps in developing stronger bonds of friendship which one carries throughout their life so one should not be scared of it.


Whether you are learning a new skill like Thai Food cooking or maybe a new language, travelling is always an opportunity for us to expand our knowledge and education. When you travel to any destination, you also learn many things that make your brain more active. I love to explore new destinations wherever I have been travelling. I always prefer to try their cuisine. And know about the local lifestyle. Even though psychologists have found it increases our level of happiness, especially when we are learning something we find enjoyable.


It is a myth that you have to sit on a lounger for twelve hours to feel the full effects of vitamin D (20 minutes of sunbathing is enough). There is no doubt that just like the cold and darkness of winter when we feel unhappy (the effects of seasonal depression), Sun and warmth generally make us feel much better. What do you say to go on A beach vacation? It is a great way to relax and enjoy the health benefits of the warm weather. Usually, this is more of a short-term boost, but a healthy glow will keep everyone feeling better and lasts for a few weeks after your vacation.


You might have to be travel bore to tell a few incredible stories. It is not the whole truth, my friend. Travel brings with it a hell of weird, funny, and sometimes severe situations that relating to people will at least make you feel delightful. During travelling, we face so many challenges, it can be funny or terrible or embarrassing, but in the end, everything is added to our memory. You have to enjoy the moment only, no matter what the time is. Making someone laugh is an easy way to boost your self-esteem, so hold onto those embarrassing memories no matter how bad they are. 


Travelling is all about new experiences and memories for most people. I can not forget that moment of amazement when I travelled to Mcleodganj and the Triund Trek when we reached the highest point. I do not have words to explain to you guys. What a beautiful moment! It was the most incredible thing I have ever seen in my life. Recalling memories of happiness can maintain a feeling of contentment long after the moment has passed. New experiences and adventures are memories that will always stick with you. While travelling, you experience many things, you meet so many strangers, and they will convert into life-changing moments. 


Travelling does not make you happier in the short term, but it can also make you a much more contented and relaxed person in the long run. Of course, most travel enthusiasts are constantly planning their next trips. We do not travel, but when we are home or passing a point where we can fly whenever we want, past trips leave memories and personal skills like confidence, broad-mindedness, friends, and a more worldly outlook that make us happy People. And that is why travel makes you a happier person. In the end, not any memory is for the short term. You will always remember in your future as well. Only enjoy the present while travelling, it will make you happy in your future. 

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Disclaimer: This blog is only published for entertainment purposes. Travliv360 is not promoting any type of travel in this COVID-19 Situation. Kindly stay at home and stay safe due to the variants of the CoronaVirus.

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Story By: Bindiya Arora


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